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D. Hall reflects on his huge TD in the opener



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Tue, 10 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com go to the Redskins locker room and hear from the actual hall of that play. That play that had FedEx Field Rocky early in the ball in the first touchdown of the game. Michael Vick. Lee is Lee throws a pass out again Ryan Kerrigan has a great knack for jumping up and knocking down a couple balls that he got a hand on it. But it was a lateral everybody in the stadium. -- look at it that -- -- -- penalty what's going on here -- DeAngelo Hall scooped it up and went all the -- for a touchdown giving the Redskins -- all. We lead. Of the game here's what. These tough tough day for the risk as you're -- showed a lot of heart go to battle back in the second half did you see this football game unfold. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is tough and an office man you know you know I don't think necessarily was the pace. You know you have fun we're ready for you know I don't think you know anybody except about being attacked or anything like that but. You know many would say to get his Gasol balanced you know that run pass -- -- have a might make the other some -- you know affirmative bringing really hurt us a little bit and you know a lot of one on one match at you know we. We just in week you know we got to go back to the drawing board -- a little bit better. You know critique SS go -- -- worse for him for you know how we can get better. We both sides of the football -- -- Redskins looked like they found a little something in that second via via you know we came here had time and we knew -- no you know we've been behind eight ball before so. We -- we knew we had a chance you know we had to you know be allowed been on both -- a ball and a -- -- that we started -- it towards the second half and you know we ran out of time ran out of time off has got going sustain some drives on defense we got some stops. You know so. Somebody's game like this man he's just won a couple more minutes compliment as you know but. He was six and miss at a football game -- you know that team came out you know. Angles often those guys do when they came out and a hell of a game plan and executed it. Can't you know can't argue with that. You have one of the weirdest plays that touchdown a little -- we were the playmaker amount one comic came to -- and -- no hesitation but. You didn't have to run that fast on. Now not you know -- you kind of stroll in the park you know in about time I got to settle on I was in I was a little windy but. You know you know I feel like you know I guess my journal and just got problem will be too much and you know anytime you get the ball in the hands you know you get excited but. There was definite want and we're displays and I've ever been a part of and have a bargain -- -- you know backwards and a fumble. In everybody stops going in you know you kind of can -- -- in his -- -- you know let that happen very often. Smart play by. CSN Washington dot com.

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