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RG3's thoughts on Monday night's game film



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Wed, 11 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com chick Hernandez joins us live now from Redskins park -- kick. Haven't -- out Redskins moved on and they put this past them. My first say this -- at 6 o'clock I'm normally a hundred -- took care -- that through that last somebody thank you very much. Yes and they have moved past look all the hype from week one is now long gone although the sting of that season opening game and that loss. Remains Robert Griffin the third now sets his sights. On trying to play like he did in the second half against the Eagles although if you look at him. He didn't look completely confident in that injured. And repaired right knee that again we could all be guilty of paralysis by analysis. You are under the microscope 24/7 certainly before game and during the game they look at every step you take. Hi your -- football homeland. When you watch the film on yourself. We mechanically sound. It was -- more physical or mental that you weren't. Yeah I think you can always improve its there's going to be times when you're in the pocket you have to make an off balance -- he's got to do that. From whom -- also I'm not paying attention -- that stuff he just. You know if -- make a bad throw it in coming off. It's my mechanics. I'm not driving off my back flag but a healthy quarterbacks into bad throws is -- -- So I understand that this -- stuff you have to do is not look at you know you know when your technique sound you know how you throw the ball and you know what you have to do if you make a bad throw. I and you fix those things in practice you fix them again in -- are gonna do. There's got. And thank you Robert Griffin the third night he also said every year is a new year in each time we come out you look for an identity. And they did not find that identity in game one but they did find out the character of this team. And that is they will fight short work week. As we know get ready for the Green Bay Packers Santana Moss and I never saw each had a wrap on their knee and cap respectively. Just old veterans try to get themselves ready for that short work week. Certainly you can appreciate that might fellow all winter. I infallible batter. Thank dale enough and the easier that way and his sons watch though you're saying like very much and don't listen to keep I just like at home. CSN Washington dot com.

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