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Thu, 12 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. What went to see if in Washington dot com per week three -- football preview on Brian Jackson joined by. Did you Morton and JP Finley now gross offense has done a lot of credit over the last couple weeks they've averaged 45 points in their first two games in. As as expected. Their defense has been a lot better than expected it to. Only given up ten points each in those two games but who quarterback Jeremiah Johnson out for the next 78 weeks how's that gonna affect. That's our defense. Well I mean does losing an upper class and I like that hurt absolutely but. Here's the good news radio -- came out of training camp confident in five different guys at that corner spots do you take out Johnson. You agonizing goings and will likely. And it should be pretty seamless for -- you look at the first sample size is small samples -- canceled the meaning. But Owens had five tackles and an interception early in the game will likely eleven tackles and one the defense in game ball so. You know those who got should be able to slot in real nicely and Johnson still working with them in in the film room in an otherwise. To to keep him ready and you know I think that there will be all right. And this weekend it certainly UConn team and it will be their first road test of the year and are also made their first BCS opponent. That's also gonna be a homecoming of sorts for Randy gets so what can we expect them to that game this weekend. Well you know -- -- trying to push any sort of you know side story line out of the picture about him return UConn might not be you know the nicest crowds for him but. This team is still focused they're very confident -- what they've done offensively through that read option formation. CJ brown and Brandon Ross since the findings in the on long all of those guys are capable. Of being the main guy in an offense they know that they have all these different options and they should be -- against -- And you gave off this week -- they really struggled last week against -- As expected but JP at this point of the season what's -- been concerned their offense or their defense. You know it it's pretty tough to say that the defense is the lesser concern considering they just gave up 59 points organ. But when you look at how you view these games have gone the defense has performed okay. You can't forget about that opening win over BYU where the defense really did a good job against the BYU team that then. Went to Austin and beat up on Texas. On offensively. Who are not moving the ball. Quarterback David Watford is averaging three point seven yards per pass attempt that's just not gonna get it done. Through two games he's got one touchdown for four interceptions. Quarterback play has got to improve for the Cavaliers. In turn that'll open up the running game and can give the defense a chance to catch your breath on the sideline I think that's what they're going to be working on during this bye week is getting a quarterback like. And this week in Virginia Tech has a matchup against east Carolina now the Hokies want. Four out of five of those games against ECU dating back to 2007 but three of those guys have been decided by ten points less so while the Hokies drove it against ECU. I mean the truth of it really is is at Virginia Tech. Usually I highly ranked team and they just aren't quite that motivated ECU comes to -- the Pirates come out of a smaller conference and you know. Via text in this powerhouse for so long. This year I think that's going to be a bit different Virginia tech's unranked coming off one of their worst years ever last season they got beat up pretty good by Alabama in the opener on national TV so I think. Virginia tech's gonna go down to east Carolina and they're gonna they're gonna be ready for this game they're not gonna sleep on the Pirates and not and I think you'll see a different result this year. And that would -- -- for this week because football preview -- JP filly and Daniel -- I'm Brian Jackson per season Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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