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Jenks: Terps-UConn is the weekend's biggest game..Really?



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Thu, 12 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- -- we're back live with Brian it's a time now Arnold favorite hobby -- tell -- -- -- all right so it's tell me I'm Rong the biggest sporting event this weekend will take place in Las Vegas has now Alvarez and Floyd money Mayweather. Battle it out for the super welterweight world championship is shaking your head -- you -- well. I'm -- and an. Is this is you got so well the way it's not Iowa City wanna see -- guy and yeah I thought our guys over here over here. Start -- to quote B Mitch. I gotta be honest with you but let me settle this by telling you that you're both wrong. How how is that you should be most excited about Maryland and UConn this weekend I think about the tradition Juan Dixon. John Lucas Gary Williams go rob Butler Emeka Okafor Richard Hamilton. This is certainly I think about this thing about the Edsel is going to be coaching against his former team so you know it's gonna be some bad blood listen the head coach from earlier this week and I -- I've gotten text messages and emails from former players and supporters wishing us good luck. Champion new guys that don't try to reverse psychology crap on the Maryland Terrapins in the game is on the road in stores Connecticut. You know the number two restaurant in all of stores is. The wings -- I'll take some hot wings all of my college football over a sport that nobody cares about anymore here's a quote from Christian -- on -- Don't be fooled by the strip mall location or the TVs in neon sign the food here is excellent. That's my heart so we'll go one on one of running -- coming up at 1030 I'm Brian Jenkins -- -- my daughter goes the Maryland this year probably watching. -- Callahan. CSN Washington dot com.

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