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Thu, 12 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back to the baseball so I'm Brian Jackson socially it gives fans the big into the last of their favorite players when they're not on the field. So we exclusive ever plan to follow on Twitter and watch. At project grant admitted he's a full yankees fan -- says that any baseball fans who follow simply 82 and also known as Orioles center fielder Adam Jones because he's a hundred man. Big Dave Rose to Greece all the talks about staying hungry and posted pictures to prove. Think of which Jones is a self described -- whether it's enjoy a fracture prone -- or his own Berger called the simply AJ tech. The big names that comes complete with Kobe beat on -- English muffin before but it seems avocado bacon and a -- Mayo with a side of hitters sat in seats. Asked for the nationals. At mount -- 2000 nominated met senator Denard Span because he quarterback on Twitter want. When he broke me back on Twitter. While on a bus to Philly is that I was listening to the new bits on album -- and what were his favorite tracks what Asante listed is called all figured out. And it may take a longer than expected was listed to have finally figured out nationally pitching because he's hitting over 400 to him off the September. And that would go for this week's baseball book presented by -- Lewis. CSN Washington dot com.

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