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  1. Terrell Owens5:05
  2. Donovan McNabb5:18
  3. Philadelphia Eagles5:04
  4. Allen Iverson5:17
  5. Mike Tyson1:19, 1:27, 1:27
  6. Floyd Mayweather0:09, 0:52
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  8. Michael Jordan1:31
  9. Alan Robinson5:22
Thu, 12 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com team. We're not a good start with the Camilo couldn't LO -- avarice fight and I'm Floyd Mayweather has not quite you a little bit of a fight coming up October 26. A little bit about the fight. Guess -- October Francona on the 26 of October Showtime's. I'm different in my -- in week -- championship with -- rut he's in a more contended that hurt when I beat terrorist clouds. So looking forward to do you another. Historic moment for me breaking a record of my -- of the oldest champion probably the oldest athlete ever. When your major title. -- but I'll watch you finally gets him is true that now was basically a masterful moment not only did you break him down. Offensively you able to do who have watched everything he was trying to -- office with good defense skills and great. -- how would you attack. -- Floyd Mayweather you'll find. Well good -- Mayweather you have to actually do what he does best. You actually particularly imitate his style and it is very very very uncommon for fighters to do. That is it is not a popular thing to try not a popular stay tuned to achieve. But only -- special ones and congress has a special talent when he can. You have to compete in Lisa some spots and fight and do it the Mayweather to me Romeo. Mike Tyson before he went to. -- Buster Douglas we go about their stories. Unstoppable. Hollywood can be Mike Tyson is Mike Tyson. This is the same scenario this is saves and era of Michael Jordan when he was in his own when he championship at the championship that's not easy to do in India. Or any sport. Cruel Mayweather has that type of zones. Mentality. That he's don't know or don't stand at the top QB Missouri where it is that's important is it to come. -- believe me it is and into -- challenge. Good avarice. In this stage where he's undefeated fighter. They're goes to tell you the character and are going to tell you that he really believes in himself. We know he's confident. We know he's he's he's cocky about -- things who he believes and he came back in Europe for years over seventeen years. But this fight is not a slam dunk for either guy to be honest and you can -- got one negative and positive things were informed. Just like the other. Opponent which is Alvarez has one thing negative and positive -- perform. And this won't come down I think even though you've been asking you had a that is -- -- that was the best. And they're playing who. Who seek out and destroyed. The other guys planned before the manifest. We'll -- gone away from the -- a little bit Costa -- -- how's he doing now. Well positives going well he's thinkers personnel issues and you know at the end. Of those Q no. Today. Family and -- in yourself this is first. Foremost inbox and or any other big event is going or outside it's -- family so right now he's getting help he's getting all the things that you need and -- -- we we all. Metairie praying for me to sort of be straight as far as who is afraid in my heart disease is X. You know. You can say rifles of my when he came -- my weight -- so you know I have. Really really good strong support for him personally and business wise. And -- big Philadelphia fan in net Eagles saw love what a lot of excitement hot Chip Kelly is coming at offenses is -- both -- What did you take on him so far. I loved -- -- this is our new coach for -- full of this that is eagles' rather a renewal for success too but anyway let us know the story. He goes this is as tough unlike his positions. Position is you show up every game you show up every Sunday stroke every might be announced Thursday. You show up in showed that you want to win this game you know things that we know you get a bad break because bank -- whatever happens happens if you show up to play away. That's the spirit I like these guys and it came dismissive told me as a teen years and that's with a degree lost almost made you read I think he's done great. -- almost winning coaches. From the Eagles ever a franchise. But my United's star. Not not talking super bored I'm not getting carried away I'm not -- -- things that that this too premature. But what I can tell you what I've seen Monday providing state. Injury free stay healthy at least 80% and I think is asking form terrible -- football. But I think that we offered a good start and right now the way things were born. As far as football in Philadelphia we take that as we just made -- -- go into a thing here called top three assists. Fighter and all for -- at -- Philadelphia sports fans want action breathing that find out which of the other forgets that the stars from other sports will win a fight. We'll go to basketball personnel as they pull away and I'm nervous -- -- And a former 276 -- Andrew Bryant. -- -- -- I -- go to the fall of Philadelphia Eagles wide out Terrell Owens on current lineup right now Riley who. Owens yeah definitely it. I would go back out there and knocked out of Allen Iverson are Donovan McNabb. Alan Robinson was last down that that it wouldn't show up that I McNabb would actually pulled it. Wouldn't show up -- a no show we heard no show got -- don't show up. Five Baylor they don't know it is. I we go to too big a fan and I elbow Laviolette goes to Philadelphia and he'll fire coming on this weekend that you bear was on the right. CSN Washington dot com.

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