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Two minute drill: Redskins head to Green Bay



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Fri, 13 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Last week the Redskins got beat down by the Philadelphia Eagles and they're gonna have to turn it around this week to winning Green Day. This is our team manager and rich Taylor what are the Redskins he's -- this week to turn things around. They've just got to get that run game going they're so dependent on the play action pass. If it didn't get the ball going Alfred was maybe -- Roy live mixed in there. Robert Griffin the third was one of the best play action passers ever. On last year that's what he does that's what they need to do they need to get to going to -- had score a lot of points to win this game. Yet three days certainly gonna score or what what they need to do to get the run game move. Well first -- -- -- hold onto the football and secondly he's he's got to get going because and it's going to be a challenge because last week on Green Bay held. Four time Pro Bowl running back Frank -- to 44 yards and when he went -- maxed out at a two point one yards per carry average so it's not going to be easy but they've got to find some way and -- like -- said you mix and -- -- get him going maybe maybe analyze -- points and soft spots in the Green -- defense or maybe a screen pass -- to get things moving. On Rick what about field. She you know was a rookie debut you -- and you know he didn't have to know anything you know that that he was clearly uncomfortable. -- -- -- the five. Build upon -- kick off deep in the end zone so he needs to make some bad decisions there. Defense got one take away at the need to get a couple more of those and -- what about -- -- -- -- -- they get him out there get him in. Space you know I clearly. Play action pass to be part of it I mean I think some of his confidence I mean you could see after he fumbled that ball on the first carry his conference seedings at the same kind of swagger. -- you know I think the concentration level wasn't there because -- all of that the pitch that resulted in the safety it was a great -- but clearly he took his eyes off the ball he was looking -- you're trying to make a play -- up only on for a safety so I think the mixture of confidence running the ball some confidence and obviously not turning the ball over because you know what. It was pretty good last year for a -- rookie but there was a time we were concerned about his fumbles because our yet three fumbles in four carries at one point they were the balls during practice and it wasn't an issue to rest of the year. Absolutely got to hold on that ball well that sit. L this year rich Taylor and JP Finley stay with CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins coverage. CSN Washington dot com.