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Yahoo!'s Kay Adams breaks down Week 2 in fantasy



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  4. 49ers1:39
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Fri, 13 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com -- Yahoo! Sports. -- after week one we saw a lot of injuries. The Ravens themselves already depleted at receiver after letting Anquan Bolden walk which could be a mistake after his performance -- -- one. Then suffered another casualty after Jacoby Jones was -- on a punt return by as old player. At the receiver to a position who should Jacoby Jones owners are looking -- I -- looking at his place in real life and that would be a Marlon Brown is the guys came in last begin as productive. He had a story he was getting looks Joseph Flacco needs to throw to somebody and it's gonna be Marlon Brown if you look at this week's matchup against the Browns. Torrey Smith is gonna drop a strong coverage he's -- and Joseph Haden it's gonna open up Marlon Brown for a lot of fans. Points for your team let's play some trade them set and get on and focus on an -- off. Every year we see outstanding rookies who fall flat in their second seasons like Tim Couch Mike Williams or maybe Sam Bradford -- what do you think of this year. -- -- You know I'm not really interest in trading lots of guys after week one is more upside at low. Kind of I think after that we but I will tell you -- Randall is performing. A little higher than where he was drafted -- actually a lot higher five catches for -- one yard. You take this guy to really made me say. Hey I got this guy. With this stat line look at Hakeem Nicks you know he's gonna get hurt in Latin Q let me get traded me that he can get full value -- -- than Randall play. Now who are you thinking of sitting in weeks it. -- is -- based on matchup Russell Wilson going up against the 49ers it just a bad match offended that the the quarterback position. It's too easy to be rolling Russell Wilson out you know Percy Harvey and we'll run heavy offense Marshawn Lynch probably won't be as successful as well as just a bad match up went to stay away from the league -- And finally -- so when you're looking to get going in the second week of the season. Now -- lead and it was not very impressive in week one -- and completed 40% of his passes I think he'd take that little nugget. To another fancy bars and -- at number on your team and you say okay. I'll just scored nine your hand doesn't have a very good quarterback. He was suspended and humid in the certain problems just -- is going to come out and crashed a week three against the Vikings make no mistake. Isn't wide receivers soon we'll have close to a thousand yards and eight scores by the end of this season. CSN Washington dot com.

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