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Fri, 13 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com at last week's game and other than the possessions of the first half of the second at what would you say it was a major difference. Oh well in his start off the game in August are all from humbled. -- all the sudden you know a safety and an interception. You're kind of behind the eight ball they did a great job kind of control the tempo of the game early. Potentially could get things going and we -- -- first down Darryl called back -- penalties we stopped ourselves again so we'll. Can -- we have twenty plays in the first half is really -- Hard to -- -- -- have a good day offensively. I don't defensively. At least that first African not the end zone except for the last two drives and -- -- anytime you have fifty someplace in the first you get a little bit tired and we did. Offensively last year I was able to read the read option reads only -- if you became basically I didn't do. -- this -- it's -- that can I -- rightfully so he didn't have the opportunity to run a last second have you from behind will we see more of that this week. Looks like you know like you said that he always got a game plan going into action packed calendar. Forty plays in the first chapter two for ten on third down himself. Just me -- -- -- have a lot of possession but I was pleased with. You know after the nocturnal. To start the second half coming from about sixty yards and miss a field goal win of three touchdowns of the next four series and probably -- they had four but you know at the end of the day you gotta get it done or not you can have games like you know you've got to look at the things you did poorly he'll work on. And then kind of forget about it go on to the next game. You know where we talk about the office is seems to goes to go to Robert Robert last week I. Us it was instinctive player he can when he sees something pistols tour didn't see that in him was that more because of the game plan or maybe his physical state. Why I think everything has to do with the flow of contain -- -- everybody looks at the quarterback and -- reliable -- to move the ball. You an interception or like we've talked about here fumble two fumble she had a safety he got a couple families and everybody's -- -- a quarterback that's the nature of the game. This is this week if we don't have those fumbles really. Go Hamels penalty for moving the heck out of the ball everybody forgets a very quickly. Current format. It's growing and we'll he'd be okay that would you have to come back and play definitely got -- back -- plan. Yesterday this time right at the end of practice you know Michelangelo -- -- tenacious you know stay away. Come and get some treatment and today he said the same thing so. Anytime he comes and says that -- that sort -- that it was gonna have a backup plan just in case tomorrow his salary go. Last week you August so that feels they come in what this office and they have so many have three different weapons. I'll look at -- their rise is one of the best quarterbacks in his NFL what is the major challenge he has facing him compared to head offices last week. Pledges and you're a different style -- completely different styles completely different tack. Here -- -- more of -- classic drop back quarterback but he can make plays in this league is well. Didn't get a different type of game plan where you don't have to have your free safety responsible for the quarterback and every option -- -- -- -- it's the -- different there was we can -- You saw LeSean McCoy last week basically like -- that could -- and that. Jesus I've got were plays we've broken down it makes a lot of they have Eddie lacy what -- traditional back to bigger back like she went downhill. Do you think it was try to establish a running here something runs so you can have a chance are going up there right. Well I think -- establish the run and you know they've emphasized that over the last couple years that they won the running back where they can get back to some of the things. -- they believe and we police he has that type of ability. -- type of the fact they had a week ago is completely different than their running attack so it's more conventional type of attack. Any time to get him back in at 235 pound range second and has a lot of talent you've got to be right. He knows the Eagles came up the -- a little bit last week and I think if you look at when they're -- when you don't stop some completely people keep doing do you expect. This is I think agreement. Marlins sake I think you're -- -- came after us a little bit but I've seen teams come a lot more. Any time that you get there's toilet first downs and a half I can't. There come after -- -- you've got to get rid of the football sometimes hot sometimes you make the tough throw. But overall I was pleased with the way I played in the fourth quarter coming back and make himself a tough decision some tough throws. Record one very I don't really get into isn't what swing game have been many people are you asking me this is a must -- game for me I don't really buy into that. But I know you have important and winning games how important is it is is -- for you think you'll get a win this week. -- every game's most important games especially here next game and if you think any any other way. You'll lessons profession -- What I try to tell players -- -- to -- -- right -- players teams or final six NL teams or five point six. How they didn't make the playoffs and how the other teams hands so I mean this is this is. Plus -- this is here and you've -- strain and each opponent and be totally ready because if not regardless what your record is -- they can change very quickly. CSN Washington dot com.