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When will Meriweather be 100%?



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  2. Matt Clement0:51
  3. Brandon Meriweather0:10
  4. the Packers1:47
  5. Eagles1:36
  6. Maryland1:33
  7. Houston1:12
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  9. Smart guy0:58
Fri, 13 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. It's become almost routine for the Redskins every week I hope Brandon Meriweather could play every week. He came. It's your second season now the two time pro bowlers played and one half. Of one game but again he's hoping this is the week. The bigger faster and not so don't let him go to the birthday is -- now what's his team go through something. You know you just didn't know what to. It's frustrating as it on silent question people today. You went to camp with the you -- guys in our -- love. You know both -- why you had him to have. Meriweather is fully participated in practice all week and Mike Shanahan believes he'll be ready to play every day. There's no issues this time and what the coach express and a player walks and Matt Clement goes say that's what I go by men I have I have no you know. Disagreement with coach you know coaches Smart guy he he knows play you know he knows our movement. You know he knows those there was a -- for recommended of them go but then again Brandon. The coaching staff thought he'd be ready for the opener he went through pregame warmup but just couldn't get. Skins at Houston against the he's trying not to put. Now ahead of his. -- And have him I get to it from the black. Whether I'd -- that was great. -- driver left -- so great in Maryland. There's only game last year in mid November against the Eagles he had seven tackles broke up two passes and had an interception. All you want to have. Redskins really needn't be that. The difference maker on Sunday against the Packers. If he's healthy enough to play. With the Redskins rob -- CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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