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Caps win preseason opener; Moreno in Hall of Tradition



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Sun, 15 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. This is a guy who sports net central update. But -- just -- Geico sports net central update at -- start of course with hockey pre season. Believe we're not already underway proud of boats at the capitals taking our young Winnipeg Jets did terrible over the cavs kept Ellis prevent Carroll -- by the result all one place long time. Then threw up six hits him square in the face. This for what he stated that the course great -- locker room for street drugs but we were not returned later on the board pre season. Second very Winnipeg catches for Vick capitalize -- and take advantage of entertainer a roster from just inside the wind gets up one nothing. Layer of post secondary capitals rallied from nothing it. Edwards has finally makes them have saved by Jack Phillips shot is coming up here from distance had to find the back in the -- the cup again leave the water. On various capitals on the power play goes right to expect no drastic. But that sets up for it where our and that's just tied the game at three. -- to -- drive that means we're going -- shootout might break with a chance to end it. He goes top shelf that -- for the capitals they Wear their pre season opener and the old old Ontario border -- I -- -- special players number 99 unveiled brighter the battle for the whole exhibition. LA Galaxy the opponent on the earlier sacked and landed out of order -- obviously this is troubled -- many. And it is tough to stop this is the third people here for dropping Davis down field and -- nothing. Now -- -- -- read -- -- being has a strong way to go they were DC united it's going to go Omar Gonzales national team defender -- -- funniest look at the hustle. -- -- -- -- And now bicycle big benefit his second goal here tied he gave -- one. Now second at Michael's favorite fifth in the game perform and it's just outside the box. Yeah and now the Galaxy up your walk. So yeah they're little went right now 84 minute united responds very good for the Lions Kyle quarterback better these united -- -- Settle -- and can draw against Philly. -- metal -- from here on the Comcast sports at studios. I'm Dave Johnson -- CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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