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4 downs: Redskins struggling after 2 weeks



  1. London Fletcher0:46
  2. Josh Wilson0:45
  3. Adrian Peterson1:32
  4. 49ers2:57
  5. the Packers2:13
  6. Lambeau Field2:52
  7. Broncos2:56
  8. Falcons2:58
  9. knee brace1:11, 1:23
  10. missed tackles0:34
Tue, 17 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Don't know before downs for questions we postwar insiders today we welcome in our Redskins insider for CSN Washington dot com -- L this year park are you ready I'm ready to go Jenks. OK here we go first down we start. But the defense the Redskins defense has given up yardage on historic levels so far this season. What do you see as being the biggest issue for Jim happens -- this and how to go about fixing. You know there's so much wrong with this defense right now but if I had to -- the biggest thing I would go with missed tackles according to the website pro football focus. Dot com over the first two games they've missed thirty tackles and has thirty tackles the biggest offenders had Ben not Josh Wilson. London Fletcher in the Carter Rambo -- has missed four wheel since the spied him Rambo is also missed four that's just too -- Pretty surprised to hear London game on that list second down. Much has been -- mark -- the season and he's accepted much of the responsibility for the team's slow start. But take a look at what receiver Pierre cars Jones said today Robert obviously can't run as fast to get last year because of his knee brace and is -- But it's the same offense to be honest with you it's nothing different it has that changed at all -- What is the reason for RG three struggled so far is of the people it's. You know I don't know it's the knee brace I think that he is a 100% structurally sound I'm not sure he trusts the knee a 100% just yet. Now remember last year Adrian Peterson he set the standard for coming back. From ACL surgeries he didn't have his first 100 yard gain until week four he didn't go nuts until week seven when he starts backing up all -- hundred yard games. So I I. I think that as RG three gets more comfortable more confident if you're -- see -- start to run the ball in his number for the better. On to third down. One thing that has to be driving it. Which is crazy is the lack of discipline so far Redskins have been flagged it seventeen times and your first two games. What yet but it was just a lack of poise is a lack of discipline you think they would have addressed this problem. After they were the fifth most penalized teams flat feel right now they -- in the sixth most penalized team. I mean against the Packers -- war. Personal fouls. On special teams and -- got to try to do that you know fortunately for them or maybe unfortunately for them. Could have cost because these games have been close but they've got to clean this up because you know you get to a three or seven point game you can't have those kind of penalties to have a lot of work to flat. Actually on fourth down always too. Not the way to start a season but if you look at that on the redskins' schedule there. They need to pull this thing together quickly gets a very good teams. Based on the next five games how much trouble is this team and you know I think if you look at the schedule on a hole I mean they are in trouble right now I think coming into the season would have been -- you know reasonable to expect to be one and one myself winning at Lambeau Field is always tough. But and here's they are coming off the Bears the Broncos the Vikings the 49ers and Falcons those are all ten wins. Being from last year I mean -- those Redskins have to get our wins against the Lions in the raiders' next two weeks. Make it to a two and then they go to the CSN Washington dot com.

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