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Mike London and the Cavs focused on VMI



  1. Akron2:17
  2. Vietnam2:52
  3. Madison2:21
  4. Hawaii2:55
  5. football team1:02, 2:35
  6. college football2:15
  7. ankle injuries0:18
  8. play game2:01
  9. air force2:52
Wed, 18 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Would you look at our our particular schedule we actually have to show. This one was no one I would say we -- come off two very physical game for BYU in the organ. You know we have some guys that got banged up ankle injuries. It -- the timing for us was was was why don't and the fact that you know we shall have the coordinator new systems. -- and he wanted -- opportunities for reps in for you know for teaching moments as as you start to go with your season so. I would say this time that you know the way -- our schedule is set up in what we're doing now is something that well as we need. When you look at the caliber of teams you know that obviously a chance to play BYU. I'm very tough physical team that it -- or game they wind it played a pretty good Texas team. And obviously -- -- spot or game you know with. With their offense and what they've done it so I think he you know we're -- better football team for having. Played those two teams are coming out one on one. Com Baltimore at home here shawls bill and we had an open we can now and I have another home game so. I believe those those two games helped our team which war will be at war. In and understand -- that you got to play a physical brand. Bob Abreu and that also got to eliminate the mistakes because you see what happens if you turn the ball over and and don't take care so. I think we came on the positive. Yeah it's an ongoing process you know we had a spring practice with the but the guys that returners in and we had the incoming freshman the first years that you had a bit of just August camp so. It's it's an ongoing you know process should you know coaches get to know the play original better establish relationships with them. You teach in this team that systems. And they get acclimated to what -- what's expected -- themselves. You know it's still work in progress split you know we're we're picking it up to -- and to move along and now you have no chance to play game to prove. Know kind of where we are right now. Such a great question I've been on the on both sides and as -- FCS school is plan BCS school. And you think that you just talked to players if you look at. Does the landscape of what college football you look at you know we'd look at Akron you know that please stay in the and they play James Madison. In the -- you know and an -- opening almost beat Michigan so you have to play you have to be prepared to compete and play you know every game in this particular game. You know with. All due respect -- BMI is more about us as a football team and what we do what we have to do. Can be successful on the ball pull the ball no doubt -- to get more explosive plays. Get turnovers. Why it's it's you know it's a way I grew up you know grope them. In and household word on that thirty years plus you know in the air force in Vietnam veteran. And having lived in Hawaii California Germany Africa you know all over the place in the days of days deep profound respect for. The men and women you know if they Wear the uniform. And you know this is what it is appreciation day for our military personnel. In no -- in front -- say thank you for all they've done. CSN Washington dot com.

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