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  2. Minor League Baseball2:47
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CSN Washington dot com. -- and also known as the I lost that ability felt their line. I'm trying to make it back to a course you. Don't withdraw throw the -- doesn't -- starting off. I'm John -- I imagine I. I'm more along the way we all got on their career now where did junk and even after all these years he's only to. Comcast fortunately this is to whom. Kind of like Christmas -- -- really -- our staple for the palm restaurant. So we here at dinner. With Gary Williams. Who has a national championships at all -- Beers -- universities now. I can die happy manager you to death. -- that a lot of people felt that way and never thought that now when a national championship I I felt that while I was coaching your I remember going in here and someone in the media asked me what my goal was and is said to win a national championship. He kind of got left that understand that enable by doing if you're not gonna try to be the best and it's not what happened very often. But. We finally got it into position where we were good enough and that's we have to do I think there's maybe each. Three years for sure maybe four years we're good enough it's it doesn't guarantee you. Winning in Ottawa's Dean Smith. Legendary coach Carolina. Two national championships and 37 years and to -- and that's how it goes son he's 35 times. I don't perspective 35 times he came up short and and they were probably good enough. 1012 times that you know one game are -- just like the NFL you know one game playoff. Guys sick that day he's got the flu your best player Juan Dixon goes down the day before practice that changes the world how long are you able to enjoy the championships. Not long in fact this is true story we win we joke around about diminished so they go to commercial. In a look up and like it either level the resume it sure is turtle seizure on and it was suit your -- one of our fans and he goes congratulations on them thanks to -- is how you gonna be next year. Yeah so I got to about two and a half minutes on my yeah. And one thing that I know about your lines as you are a big sports fan run did it start to use a kid I know that you played but take us back to early childhood. What were you playing in my what was your favorite team. My grandfather was a Minor League Baseball player back. You know way back and he's -- -- really. I remember being like I had to be sure four years old because who's in the house I was born in and I moved -- -- spot. But playing baseball on the back -- pitch to me and all that night I just love sports on why I have two Brothers younger one will win either one of whom were into sports at all. My first ordered to sports for my grandfather was a guy that got me hooked. And then from there is what you guys that you just played whatever it was and season. As you're growing up. Does it frustrate you. How does it frustrate you now know that you see a lot of kids that don't seemingly just go out and play like we grow up. Playing everything even if we weren't very good young kids are playing video games all the time doing different things. I think they're missing a lot because. Through the greatest thing in terms of basketball. By about ninth grade I was completely sold best what was going to -- or whatever happens will be desperate. And in the summertime playing on outdoor courts days when it's ninety degrees back in New Jersey you play. Andy -- you've played until you get tired you had a going for dinner and that was it that was nobody had any money. So was like so he's gonna get a car and take you somewhere or do something besides let. So that's why I make -- got a basketball every Christmas who's the guy with the ball and usually got on court you know he got to play. So I always had the ball. Talk about grown up in New Jersey what was over your background like I know you came from. Let's put families as I did familiar your mum moved to California believe and you stayed with that you're under. Brothers sisters grew up in a very conservative town collings -- New Jersey. Back then it was all families -- there's no divorces or anything like that that -- of town and I just. One day my father said your mom mom and are going to split up obviously. My great sports was the -- you know that was the way I felt. I'm sure wasn't good socially back in because kind of embarrassed about going through that divorced when I won't -- quarter walk on the baseball field. He took -- no no I don't. Yeah that was my tongue as I play there's more to come on team movement out of Jersey didn't think -- -- -- want to know how far I was going to happen. It was for us me and my grades were good enough because he got -- as a senior. Quite solid and I know you are. Economy companies -- being -- He by the five starts cooling experts are Grubman -- -- Metcalf home with a five start technician. Table manners has brought you are blinded DC lottery where a lot of people win. So EB. -- his radio and now see me whats next them you know I'm always alluded to. Start taking nation V it's easy to fix my friend got dismal past problem and my alarm not working -- Age. Five start techniques. These -- even we've got us not just genuine. Want to be a five start technician call crowd make him for good crowd Metcalf dot com. We're all wheel driver safety and value and you've got to get to her Gordon's favor of. Winner of the -- just don't care -- -- customer service and Maryland's largest volume super -- we have I'm using deals like zero point 9% financing and went fourteen Subaru Legacy outback we six point fourteen out back to point five I think 2.5 per month and a 1213 super prospect 2.0 I think MC DT for just -- -- Don't miss great deals like this the award winning her -- -- room minutes from -- -- -- DC. Particular short break for our crews hard at work behind the scenes with. The table match. We to a red. The lines we'll -- break out of the end. -- -- Yeah. First yeah. We -- -- -- Yeah. And. He's fast and DC lottery feels the thrill of winning instantly. Offense to table Mariners. Your mentality like as a coach have to coach against on the second Thompson and benign. And it's -- tomorrow. Vs when you -- -- to see him doing well early two thousands and don't against dean and and guys like that. On the -- the way it was the same thing get a really was because I I learned that American view it when I was an American news seventy to 82 you played money can you had to go play at Merrill when he had to go play. At Rutgers. Who were. Really good times. The time young out there. And you learn not looked on the other receivers coach because you had -- coach your team. You couldn't be intimidated by anybody and you try to get that through your players to. He can't intimidate but whatever you do you know plays you run defense you play you can't intimidate your -- -- you're -- gonna win no matter what you do and so I learned that. And then from the big east and with the Big Ten and you're talking Bobby Knight should heat coach. You GDP Katie Tom Davis -- -- you know people like that we're certainly on par with anybody and so. You have you had to go against the best every night which I really like this to myself. My goal was a coach who has JV high school coach come on her own was. I -- that coach someday against the best coaches in the country that that was my goal for you barely got into college coaching right because. You're going to be up high school coach -- -- I'm sorry was angry I was very happy I I met Tommy is a graduate assistant at Maryland getting -- Stockard. My last year I played. Tom this is three years later and I've recruits and high schools for years called me up and he said. You have to common you know be the best ball causes a great you know chance in the college coach he said we have to be the head soccer coach right. I don't know that that was that the toughest. Thing I ever didn't coaching was to walk out on the soccer field first day of practice. You know soccer back then hated it when I was school apparently he never went to a game you never solid I wasn't telling soccer as a kid I hope you know I think soccer tournament Romanov. And -- and so I kind of walked out there and I was 25 years old plants are seniors are 2223. And I -- Gillette among -- well I just told us that you guys got to do all the all the stuff you know there how to kick you know do. You won't yeah. I'll I'll I'll I'll just know we we don't job -- it. I can talk so -- you -- a few blocks I guess I read a couple books I came back down to American you. And Tom Davis to me it is. The soccer coach senate dining that being. And he spent two days with me just going over and gave me some good girls when -- rooms that have sucked for so -- Jimmy battles with the referee's offside -- Deserves to wake is back and they had one. On the foresight and -- -- they kept that diagonal line that's what they try to do. You know guy would get for your bench -- who was -- as sports crazy anyway I mean we play a game against Columbia and a lot of foreign players this one guy. He thought he got foul we probably felt she frightening -- kind of an American style if you don't mean just. Allen everybody is just possible so. Kids -- in the field. He won't play. And you know soccer game continues to do you know that there's -- stops so we just had clearly can hit the ball you can carry you to just set he wouldn't electricity going. As -- recently -- you have guys who would fly. That passenger I'll have a place for that that -- that you know that that in basketball is definitely European influence that's a European players. Have you noticed as European players are coming in the gators more sloppy one -- -- -- saw that aren't that much softer -- they're tough guys but that's how they grew up most of those guys play soccer young age you for the group. And you learn how to do that today you get the coming year you got the ball defender comes makes it makes a run -- you could down -- you -- honestly and then. Now he's got to -- using the clubs in -- -- -- it and really this state of Ohio is different and -- in other words everything evolves around. Ohio State in this state you know there's great schools Miami Bowling Green plays like that that are great schools but. When your schools are playing your -- you know that that's how you felt you don't get the same feeling here for we're Donald -- geography if it's the nation's capital. If there's a disconnect with Baltimore will whatever it is he never felt like -- control the state it was a tough leaving yeah -- tough. It was very tough so explain the mentality leaving how they go down in -- double for -- -- I was gone through divorce and my daughter was getting ready to go to college and really it was a chance to start over felt and that. I. You and he should never make. Any decisions or you're going through -- crisis in your life and I made a big decision and it worked out fine coming in her own but. It probably wasn't the right decision to be honest because Ohio State news. -- just interesting how that how how your own pedestal -- There're guys especially football was also the best people. And Jack Nicklaus and you know memberships into golf course right I guess I was a member of your field for six months how great some day I left the fifth that's today my membership. And from board table manners you're saying that but wasn't for -- you probably would never. I think his his fifth career you know these people say that the level where -- your dream job. He can't not make sure yeah. Just can't. That tiger business will be ready to roll slowly losing the right things and how to save big dollars off big brand. Dollars off after submission on Michelin or other big branch. You all. Dollars would your perfect -- -- -- -- Extras at no extra charge. Tires and going home for most people went shopping for a new vehicle when it comes down to getting the best car for the money. That's the measuring stick US news and world report use this year table 41 company more than. Any other brand. And safety. He was another reason why we. The junkies are taking quick break but we'll be back then it was more table manners. Yeah. Okay it's. I'm -- windows or both of which there are unique climate -- local factory to help keep you fresh air conditioning and in the summer heat out. Call today for the trade offer. -- back to table manners. -- -- point. Anytime that three year period when you guys are getting -- real good but the sanctions did you think about you know what. I'm not -- -- I thought it was a good decision but I needles where I consider it once. -- real offer the I had an offer. -- college offers that I I had an offer that proves to be an assistant coach but it was. With the Boston Celtics and -- -- assistant with the Celtics that was very tempting but I I remember -- -- office -- that I just -- -- -- -- you know. Nobody made you come here. Prior to hear williams' arrival at humorous in their own up there was perhaps there was Len Bias which was pivotal. -- and all of our lives like we can remember some days growing up. When Len Bias who -- is number two pick by the Celtics great college player. Passed away when did you know that it was at a surprising thing for you that a college player could. You know overdose like that. I think shocked the nation than what they did that the positive that came out of that. I was at Ohio State by then. Every every school reevaluated your drug testing program. So now like marijuana has a great -- dressing program that they're not the only ones you know a lot of people do because. You know it was a random testing before guys from beating these tests doing certain things. This analysis it's almost impossible to beat and it's it's probably save some kids. Over the course time so that's pause. Negative was so. I mean it's amazing in negative recruiting out there and once bias died grown became the drug capital. Of the country in terms of college basketball. Because we're the only school have somebody die like that and then you know it was close to major city and all those things and so how many years it take to get past the land biased eleven that was that is probably 9495. So. Five years -- many felt like you were there but now we can -- Alley and well I we can get that when do we think it's just we succeed. And I we went to six straight sweet sixteens at. That became not good enough -- well we know better than about how about sixteen -- about six straights so -- sixties right now for any program cup. All of us are Mallon grass -- ice day of practice every day I was a die hard fan but I got tired lose in the sweet sixteen at one point we came out of the tires. And when we came up with the song even Gary got to go we we you know fans are so fickle it's -- me. The idea fury if you're in the sweet sixteen. And that means you're one of sixteen teams there's 345 division one pitch I just. So that's how about the other guys that didn't make it harder Howard yeah. -- are tired of watching Duke point that's -- we all work I remembered faculty receptions. I -- music you know we ought to be like. I velocity in his life you know and I know -- -- -- and what do you mean you -- you know that they have such nice kids playing nice. Guitar that put it changed though Purdue being a Maryland guy Jake and I both went to Maryland. You know and and sometimes -- criticize -- fans because we have too obsessive -- North Carolina a win over Clemson Virginia was just important you know in the standings. Nevertheless we built up just rivalry we do do you seem to really have a rivalry with coach tonight. Certainly don't -- you like buddy buddy I'd like that I let that cost again that. I think. You you have to earn respect and we weren't good enough to beat down those those first 34 years I mean we weren't even though allowed in the tournament -- -- first we couldn't play any ACC everybody for answers. We couldn't play any ACC tournament when -- Chris was live TV -- That's the only time -- team. In the ACC didn't play in the ACC torn right. And and other forget it's the league. The league made us take our seniors. Down to a dinner they used to have right before the tournament started. And then we had to get them out of town when we -- -- catch him to get out on the forget that he. When -- just note can't silly turnover or you know silly foul takes a bad shot and you time to your staff. You know occasionally turns of the players -- -- to return to the staff and you look like. You wanna eat their face like yeah. I dabbled on the I was and in in the game take you through that process than I was out there was a technique to it I think they -- the reasons are obvious worry emotional when I coached immunized I admit that. And I we are we get on a coach sometimes because. I had to keep them in the game too because I want them talking to the guys in the event someone when the conversation. On going to turn around I see somebody -- up suing. That they used to bother me a little bit. It's -- -- on the -- you try to get a match yeah. He's got sacked an amazing -- this season is tell you Erik Erik -- the populous is in better. -- you know we coached his his brother's basketball teams and turkeys to go a lot more than I did practice this. And Eric he's just kind of studied Coach Gary Williams. -- technique now we didn't yell at the eleven your -- state coach because you know some of the players but you can talk about -- he's nice to get scared sometimes at practice. There's intense and I think part of it the attraction on the part of the deal was when Gary came there to Mallon get to revive the program it allows students decision. To watch practice and -- to generate interest in the program. A part of that was so. You know -- urban B you know -- every -- having a bad day -- be gone crazy if you feel uncomfortable watching the practice -- -- guys out of practice. To be fun bloggers. Here I learned every word possible they don't -- And this and let me say from my perspective -- Freshman year. -- Maryland for about bus was 1988 and it's it's coach Bob wade. All of a sudden there's probation. That the whole University of Maryland program it was looking -- -- Coach Gary Williams established connection with the fans with the fist -- I don't know. You realize that if I -- -- the connection to try to. That was for the -- up a -- lose the whole crowd and got the sanctions nobody would come litigation Walt Williams course right I thought he would have the feeling was just his shoulder. Then appreciate thanks there's more table manners coming up -- news comes -- -- -- Virginia Tech -- away from me -- By the way you guys like disappear truck series for your trust back into the. -- -- -- -- -- -- might administer drive yeah. I feel like problem picking goodness you guys are flying over it's well. And so. Him you know I'm always alluded to. Start taking nation EX two -- money has got this small pest problem and my alarm not working then. Age. Five start techniques. He's an easy thing we've got us not just anyone. -- -- be a five start technician called Kerr meg yeah for good crowd Metcalf dot com. They don't touch that remote table manners is coming right back. What is Bo Jackson news five hour energy the reason I think probably. Energy is because it gives me everything I need. To give me over the hump. I don't have that energy that I used to hat on tried one right before going golfing with somebody so we only played eighteen holes but I could play 36 that. Being in the business world now you're always running somewhere if I need some pick me out and get a five -- energy. Gets me through today that dominate on both Jackson and I used to -- our image. Now back -- team. -- play there's money to do a lot of things for the student athletes that is being done right now and that you -- all -- these guys provide. You know a tremendous amount of income for schools not just ticket sales are fundraisers -- by the department. But when we won a national championship applications -- 25% of -- That allows you change your whole admitting it admitting structure there was taste and in thirteen hundred guys what do you think and probably not in their cars. -- Haas and -- won when you won the national championship. And 02. Did you ever cry -- yeah. I mean you don't think your opponents ever you know I that you wanna do you wanna win the national championship that's wired but. If you an especially at Maryland where. It was it was I think it was tougher to win and there have been a lot of places would have would have been -- -- Oh no doubt you -- A lot I tell you -- cry when our friend died a couple years later and -- we knew. He was a Maryland grad he got seem now one national championship. Let me say something that was very clear about -- look physically say it actually does get emotional thing about it we never thought as Maryland guided that would -- is that too when I watch it. I was I think that whenever when that that that -- that that's spring and summer after that I can't root. Tell the numerous letters I got the same same store to -- my friend he's been sick for three years now at least if he doesn't make it. He's a resilient. And you go wow it's not ten announcers -- -- I think -- -- Don't believe a lot of good -- splits for tirelessly for Gary Williams. When you done any good to be done would be just fine around Cavaliers finds jet and so consultants hand -- shoddy losses on -- Here it is and every week I do it is here that's. And -- here and I -- -- -- You do miss. Practice. You know that's that's the greatest. Thing you walk out there you got your twelve players no phones no -- she's human players. And that's where there gonna be good and you know what you do. In practice and so on this -- party missed. Just the hanging out with the play you know locker -- situation all those things -- -- there's a lot of things financially gains. I don't I don't miss the actual when they were free threw the ball off but that. If I was -- you know just. You'd you'd go through every emotion possible you're gonna lose initially couldn't win -- lose again let Tonya walking the walk from 125 is where the game you had to be convinced. -- matter who you're playing you're gonna win that game. And so that that there those hours leading up to game were tough but. The actual games Grizzlies you don't miss the preparation. For the game some of the preparation was great practices you know all that was great what was it was that he. Anxiety you're always worried about a player. Who will be Johnny gonna pass to assess your -- -- about. Phone rings after 10 o'clock and right here we go you know and that's part of being a college coach. In other words if there's a guy twenty years old playing for the Wizards a one and done guy. And I got a guy 23 points for me of my twenty year old those some wrong. I'm responsible to twenty year old guy -- -- wrong it was here's a twenty year old is responsible for what he did this -- your -- being a college coach of pro coach. If we played golf with him what -- your past. Wouldn't be scared when we have fun scared -- guys seemed like rumor central. -- I don't throw clubs I threw clubs went like probably up until about twenty some years ago and told. You know he's skin bars by doing. I get upset at not the point we stream or anything like that but you know we heard a rumor just from central and I think we've heard heard the story. I don't know. Who told us this but someone -- had a ball you know an iron and ball players look great and the guy -- so -- I cannot get up and it came up short in the water and he's looked and said don't ever talk to Michael. That's that's true yeah. Saw that it was to improve you know that comes for free throws we had a role. That we only had one free throw a game. Where we could say go win you know we got your break news getting -- or somebody that -- on the bench nobody is saying because I thought that was a jinx -- but if you said that. So he had a savior for the last couple minutes of of course you could use it early break in the first half. So that was that was who. The Eagles. I need a plane trip how to like be my sixteen year old backer fastball he's killing me it's too athletic to look taller was -- everything. What does he was under 150 back I mean yeah that is not anymore he's just been. He's just gets away from you -- that era here's -- here's my tip don't win anymore. Ali is one of Boston's he's DC misses you college basketball -- you thanks coach here. Thanks guys on the you got to thank you. What is fairly enforced assuming it's not the junk. I was so much -- force. Give us. I. Like -- -- it's like I choose this one you can never. What I was Carter. Shoes and news for you feel like it's about tell you about. Up close and personal. -- didn't play golf. Yeah that's hardly ever. Enjoy the game. An old basketball for the night. You can't like I would like it. Can -- CSN Washington dot com.

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