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2 Minute Drill: Redskins vs. Lions



  1. Chris Chester2:19
  2. Reggie Bush0:24, 3:06
  3. Washington redskins'0:06
  4. Calvin Johnson0:20, 0:51, 2:38
  5. Brian Orakpo2:42
  6. Jim Schwartz0:28
  7. Ndamukong Suh2:12
  8. rich Taylor3:21
  9. Stafford0:21, 0:49, 2:35
Thu, 19 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. If week one went bat in the Washington redskins' week two against agreement Packers -- that much worse they were simply outclassed and Wisconsin. We're gonna turn our attention in this Sunday when the Redskins face the Detroit lines. This year you tell us Redskins need to do to slow down Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford. You know I think they -- afraid that Reggie Bush is injured and cannot play in this game. When I heard Jim Schwartz talk on Monday to -- Torre or worse he said it's not short term it's not long term it's middle term. If you got to read between the lines it sounds like he's going to be a question mark all the way up until kick off. And I went back and I watched a little bit of their loss to Arizona. And the moment he came out of the game. Their offense kind of fell apart a little bit and Arizona is able to spend more time going after Stafford they were able double team Calvin Johnson. And -- stop converting third downs you know Reggie is a big weapon on third down so once he once he was out of the game it would -- it was a game changer. Absolutely and rest as the coordinator Jim has that was saying that stopping the run as a big focus for the team this week. But rich let's turn to the offense they really struggled converting third downs last week what are they need to do to get that to change to get the ball -- While kind of slips out of what has said they got to get that got it running the ball alpha -- did gain over a hundred yards last week. But there were two. 32 yard runs mixed in there that's really not his game his game is not there. Get -- six yards on first down. -- three or four more on second down he would move the -- himself. Or giving yourself engine in guarantees them manageable situation third and three. Third four where even a Robert isn't quite as mobile as he was maybe not you know maybe still a little bit off. That that's still should be an easy third down and convert so. Get out for moving I think that will also not play action passes but as far as third and goes that -- for third and short. Much better situation. Play action to be big. Dark all a lot of talk this -- been on RG three on if Roberts to ready at the knees there but look at past Robert. -- god the Redskins need to step up offensively this week to be alliance. You know I'm looking at the matchup between Ndamukong Suh and whoever he's matched up against south he's been on the west side a lot he does move around a bit. But it's probably going to be the job of Chris Chester the right guard and the right tackle Tyler Columbus to keep him off RG three -- I know that the last thing you wanna see is Suh anywhere near RG third. Absolutely and -- what about defensively who's got the skins really need to step up this week but Taylor Matthew Stafford will have a difficult time -- the ball to Calvin Johnson. These flat on his back. I think what what has to happen is Brian Orakpo is your Keane and Ryan -- injure other one. Jim has just just said in his press conference that they were really two with a bright spots on defense this past week they were getting the job done. Kerrigan had two sacks Iraq -- has won. If they can maybe get four maybe even five sacks and Matthew Stafford. That would go along way towards along them lines attack. And yell it even if they do you have Reggie Bush that can slow things down put in second and long third and long and it is the reversal are talking about with the Redskins. -- protect Robert attacks Stafford sounds simple enough Woolsey. Redskins host the lines 1 o'clock Sunday Hartnell this year rich Taylor and Jake you've been -- -- CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins coverage. CSN Washington dot com.

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