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Missed tackles coming back to bite Redskins


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Thu, 19 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com so far this season has been missed tackles after just two weeks. They -- the league leaders in that category and the team knows that has to be addressed movable. Are definitely a bother because you know we've had so many in the first two games what. Com it's no upfront we can help alleviate a lot of the missed tackle by you know clogging up. Running lanes better and you know Macon taking easier and easier job for you know let's linebackers and it's been our DBs have to come up and have so much space to tackle you know it's really good running backs. As we were perfect enough to get it. African tour recycles a lot harder to read and want to salute to -- -- fair practice -- when he's responsible. For everybody needs to be in the framework and a little bit of that play. His focus and all angles even though in and imagine yourself going in there and and you know given got a Graffanino should hit second off and a good position is because several position that's the main thing -- one -- which -- -- for -- that position. Yeah. CSN Washington dot com.