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  2. Bob Marley4:17
  3. New Mexico1:17
  4. Ravens3:07, 3:46
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Fri, 20 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Don't look down open -- John balls go through phases Alexander goes out of -- weekend in a light heavyweight fight UFC. And before you start -- to -- this weekend that left I was -- he's done it was a gruesome -- -- just so wasn't bad state how that experience and what was your rehab like. To be experiencing -- for -- -- experience it had been the opponent is three minute mark of the first round. Sound luckily I was able to finish my point -- before the finest rounds and sector I was going to be in. I actually would never become commissioner of the stuff I have lost in the championship so. You guys. When that fan interest around and the recovery process. You know they put me in a hole what's it and glad it's been stitched up. I was in that -- provoked. Clippers for about four months. But I'm back sorry fighting against another one of the best athletes in the world out -- and Hutchison. And he had just testaments. He's got into good. The preparation for the fight without -- is good -- -- yeah. Yeah man it's been a great camp it's been a great camp something really good people in my life. And that quote is that everyone -- and we will just -- -- in and -- picking New Mexico. They've gotten prepared. That's still good beyoncé and dad were really good guys camp. And that as sure ready as those already in. I'm very confident. I do win -- you'll break your season record of consecutive decisions with six what what that means he's. Yeah man it it means the world and I -- so hard and I don't believe any of this benefit of the conferences coincidence whose tire -- dedication. Where I'm at today is that correct. That's what's in my mind that who have come. I'm grateful to have your mind from my class and a championship mindset to go work ethic plus. There's just. This is president has come true and you believe -- -- -- dedicate yourself and you know you have to be different. Collective things that you can accomplish -- do you work hard and Gustafson tray with a Briscoe and his cabinet made it clear they -- standing go out. What is your response to that. You know you definitely want to come into about the manager and that's his best chances on the play. I mean on that and I couldn't give it to ominously extremely unpredictable. Usually says the -- maybe -- -- -- to be formula. Hate this -- of -- do that almost anything out there it's going to try to do. Credibility and everything keep them off balance. And that equestrian. -- -- Stay away from the case you're very athletic Miami yeah get to a buzzer after putting -- the -- with the greatest posed the most athletic -- your fans. Com and you're out for a pretty athletic. The we'll look my little brother Kelly Johnson and and the fact that the Patriots. Starting with -- today and he's a street Hartford and 97 from Baltimore Ravens as well as -- -- all these street. That addresses the most athletic I'll have to say Chandler has been the Patriot and he is he can catch the football he can. He can jump high runs spent Tuesday intelligent. His -- I am a student he's he's just he's an arm -- have an athlete and how can -- rock stars in the most talented of a series. I'm the best -- -- enough. How was -- pleasure watching AFC championship game. Today it was cool experience that was the biggest. How -- pitchers and Willingham. Patriots keep their bus and then like five minutes later than that they're going to be -- Ravens fans and then when being physical me. This consumable you know going in -- we'll. Thought it was fun for me that everywhere out of that is that partly because both sides -- -- on that team. -- so it was pretty cool experience for me through the middle that. Okay John would play a game called top three meals were some love and a question today is. You're saying let the moment I got out of the -- so what do you listen to positive buzz and get your red. You know I'm pretty relaxed and it just went there on demeanor out at the -- Bob Marley. It's one of my favorite artists. Played in Canada. No I'm not -- gathered but driving against what I love Toronto about. Okay here created for ourselves there. Streak just to do another front runner. There suited and that'll it was sort of like having nightingale and -- themselves -- music has progressed to have a guy in my life I like this way we've got to Rutgers to. So yeah I was trying to hit athletic heavy metals happened to them it slowed him. -- -- You very much I do that do you see any hope the other championship belt all of -- -- again. Tireless and -- shameless you guys that column and putter and that's experience the same handle and Jonny -- you know it is -- and liabilities. I'd be when he gets kind of -- Thank him and bring home yeah thank you read it. CSN Washington dot com.

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