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Can the Skins slow down Calvin Johnson?



  1. London Fletcher0:41
  2. Calvin Johnson0:07
  3. Scotland0:29
  4. Washington0:02, 1:21
Sun, 22 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. The winds have quite a weapon in Calvin Johnson six foot 5240. Runs a 4440. What do you guys do you do to keep him in check -- -- you know you need to try to -- I don't think you can. Stop him you know from from getting balls on the basis of the guys that's obvious he's a great route running good hands so. He's got the kind neutralize you know where he's at at all times if he's in the slot he's out lies in. Scotland and has a great job in view of feeding the ball so. He he goes guys -- completely -- you got to do -- great job trend neutralize them -- You know not and then deep balls and all those areas. London Fletcher had an uncharacteristically. Quiet game last week I would say one solo tackle one combined tackle. Any reason for concern there well though -- not necessarily. We can surveilling the way were playing is not very when I'm playing very well -- The sultan. I think everybody on this team including myself and coaches players we gonna get better and obviously those numbers -- ridiculous last week and we had a chance to be keen to few holes and you know instead it is 179 we've and we can do this so. I'm you know -- Maybe -- a lot of concern about everybody you know to play -- and everything so we feel that something will probably take care hopefully take care of this week. CSN Washington dot com it.

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