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Riggo on the Range: Whipping up an elk stir fry



  1. Arthur Bremer2:41
  2. vandalism3:15
  3. Garner0:32
  4. Washington0:02, 4:08
  5. chain mail0:57
  6. sesame oil2:14
Sun, 22 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Is a difficult time you know I didn't know for sure who is coming home with anything. -- -- to -- what we need to make -- vision maybe. Palmer makes and -- I simmering that'll take about fifteen minutes or more realistic for about ten minutes should he was playing time the proper thing else. Now we Garner help me here on the start with that you can see it's got this kind of silvery skin. Especially if it's close call -- And this is what he allows muscles a slightly different groups will slide over one another -- kind of conspiracy to type of -- And trying to take this off because really this stuff. He basically -- -- so we're gonna removed from very fortunate I happen to have his glove just basic or it fuels people chain mail. Typically uses overnight and give it underneath your season on grabbed the back of their disastrous chain merely comes in handy. -- talent almost like you're you're going to finish and their futures and I'm going. Right underneath there. -- you go you've got a little bit wasted. But you've -- But there's no carry over more on the other side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for on this -- From an economist and can -- Spanish territory here. Basically they weren't perpendicular so you have a strategy in the muscle. So going this week. Once I got the backstretch -- kind of like turned my attention. -- you wanna maintain consistency throughout the day. Matter of feeding -- pins here digital. Lower salary goes through all come out about the same texture. Let's get this thing going here to get this thing ninth in hockey I've got my regular sesame oil and I got my fifty. -- just feel regardless. Are you have caught just a little more like older I'm almost immediately apparent yeah I do because you know made a lot of fire yeah. Are yelling that he has broken OK it's time to go -- well then they aren't as good these -- Arthur Bremer and through your game to play today baby. Oh lead in -- bedroom or your style. There's my head professional. Trying to -- On your head you know. And maybe a little more -- you know what family. Bo -- AM okay what. Could care. Where did your. We're going to give rappers come on over to vandalism held yourself and you can't. GA friends were there. Even bring it -- I under -- we'll. About eight minutes later -- -- I. I am very anxious to try this day. -- -- -- It's a good. Frazier go to the website. Everything laid out for him. CSN Washington dot com.