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Kehl highlights defensive issues in loss to Lions



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Sun, 22 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Action gas in the team now his own three the numbers are not good for teams to rally from 03 to still make the playoffs. What's the mood like in the locker. I'd say the biggest thing is people are just frustrated we're really would Rupert could've won that game could -- what are we didn't. And the only thing we can do now is is go forward and got thirteen games and it starts next week and -- -- one and that was -- one needed to and then that's all we can do. Mistakes penalties he seems to be -- week in and week out there are problems it's a mental thing how do you fix a mental mistake you know. I will say this all look for the positive today we we've made great strides. And it's. And like I said you know we were in that game really could've won it just a couple things the ball didn't bounce our way but when you look at the way we played the first two weeks especially in the first half. I mean there's no comparison to the way we played today and colossal loss as a loss loss it doesn't matter on this on the the stats sheet it still comes up with -- -- so it's unfortunate but. You got to take away the what was good we've made strides offense moved the ball we scored points or defense that better. We still need to tackle better we still need to keep them out of the end zone and make them kick field goals. But we'll take what we can and and learn and and you know just get a win next week. Seem like there's a lot of single high safety Brandon cheating over obviously -- Calvin Johnson was that a match up. Decision what was that single -- defense. Yeah I mean the guy's the best there is so I mean you if you if you don't take precautions I mean Gil Killian. I think our guys that pretty good job against him today obviously. Ever -- when Trevor. -- as a question for you. Brad you mention positive strides made this weekend in the first two games at times it seems like the defense wasn't even in the fight. Today because was definitely in the fight what specifically were some of those positive strides that were made this week as opposed to what happened in weeks past what. I say one of the biggest things we had a little more fired. Out there on the -- more emotional pep to our step. The last couple weeks you know without high octane Philly offense and -- -- -- -- -- last week you know we we were just flat especially. Out there when they make a big player our defense of players were just flat that's always nice to see us you know make some plays and slap each other on the helmet and -- have some fun out there. But besides that you -- we made improvements we do we didn't give up. A million yards today we gave up a lot of yards but it was an improvement from the the first two weeks. And we'll just we'll keep improving that's all you can do as long as you're getting better you get better. And that the good thing is like I said we got thirteen games left so the season isn't over. -- three doesn't mean anything. -- what what matters is October November and December we got time. I've met Bryan Q by the way you talk about what the guys and -- could you keep Brandon Meriweather and slapped -- own teammates on the head on the European. Don't -- we can do everything that I -- right field linebacker for the Washington Redskins. CSN Washington dot com.

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