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Morris trying to "find a positive" in loss to Lions



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Sun, 22 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Alfred certainly the Dolphins played better in the first half specifically. Do you sort of point to that and trying to build off the fact this topic is getting better week to week despite the loss right now. I did from Miami hasn't found a positive and have a negative -- not so we're going. We've been struggling last couple weeks some you know third downs and we definitely got better on third I was -- -- run off as we have to get things going. I mean he doesn't have to do is -- -- -- to deal from from this point coming despite the loss means. Days I mean I never -- go start the season -- and three you know but we just that I try and trolleys breakdown errors and and do better. What was the mood like in the locker room at only three now. How I was kind of down you know I was if you bring in here -- you feel the mood is I you know we know we've done is we know. You know we we can't play better in this in we just got to finally -- to do and just play for a full sixty minutes. How much different is this offense you Robert rolling out those bootleg. Passes that were so wide open last year the fact he got weren't down -- -- -- run those plays how different does that make you off. So I'm makes a big difference arm. The last couple weeks and as time went on the -- we went in to run our offense. This has -- Tom -- different it's easy for defense is no capacity we don't have any other Russian matter we can't. Because thousands -- and so that we know we did do we know they're running the ball we know enough throwing so it makes -- a lot easier and a decent sort of a day when we did it. You just -- announced he's still on the field and dropped down you know down to it definitely helps makes a huge difference and -- play of the game. You get to this level every player has made big play. And made that play in your career what do you guys say it all for Robinson who haven't looked like the go ahead touchdown in his arms and -- I haven't coming -- -- Came out to the the refs breezy and didn't give me a lot easier student probably happens out. I was a telephone you know -- to track down and I thought they did a great job -- track and I think he has an army didn't. You know security a little more of it happens you know we felt like it was a touchdown put. From the angles that they have they really couldn't you know keep to college so -- half as we get a get a bounce back from that. Question driver. All the Redskins fans but the entire week watching. Highlights of Ndamukong -- but he's on TV that that he's just a cartoon character what was that like to play against him up close and personal. It's it was no different from the first -- played on have played against them and college swings that -- Nebraska. I was no dude he's a strong guy he's definitely someone you have to do our -- because he's all the silly to make plays. Opting to do a great job you know at the quarterback you know of kind of what's to stop and -- -- -- -- amazing was it just a challenge for us but I mean I feel like we did. -- came way -- can't be happy a lot of reforms because we didn't get to win. Part of remorse for thank you very much for your Redskins post a model C victory against the Oakland Raiders kind of -- thank -- them or. CSN Washington dot com.