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RG3 on his fumble: It's a sucky rule, but it's a rule


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Sun, 22 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. They did a lost fumble kind of -- -- tickets to the play and what happened. I mean you know try to declare myself down. For the big hit from the safeties come from the middle on the on a little down but it's the rule. And in the can be a -- rule but still still one of the NFL rules and on this and that's a fumble so it's unfortunate and you know just got to make sure if -- die for and follow the ball and if I slide feet person is not from. -- lose the football and thinking you -- down John and I know unconsciously this is football is just. You know I hit the ground. You know thought I was down in the and the ball came out so you don't think can look into the rough and I was down and -- some -- you know rules. From you know a couple of years ago he lied to the same thing. -- slid face first. Fumbled the ball they called formally change the rule I think they changed it back this year -- just. -- very given that the game situations in the office how much more fluid do you think everything felt here yesterday telling a lot more fluent. You know when our defense has come up being were moving the ball on offense and who helped each other out there a special teams offense and defense and -- thought it was it was a lot more fluid but you wanna come with them when they're at the end of the day. And we didn't do that so he's got to go. Go back after it. CSN Washington dot com.