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Morris says the offense is trending up


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Sun, 22 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Alfred certainly the Dolphins played better in the first half specifically. Do you sort of point to that and trying to build off the fact that this offense is getting better we -- despite the loss right now. I definitely army hasn't found a positive or negative negative and hustle we are going. We've been struggling last couple weeks some you know third downs and we definitely got better on third I was able to run -- -- we have to get things going. I mean -- just have to do is kind of we don't think it's a good deal from from this point coming despite the loss I mean. Is you know you never want to go start sees no and three you know but we just that I try and trolleys and tricked out areas in and do better. What was the mood like in the locker room at only three now I -- kind of down you know I was if you hang in here but you feel the mood as I know we know we've been is we know. You know we we can't play better in this and we just had to finally do -- to do and just play for a full sixty minutes. CSN Washington dot com.