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SportsTalk Live: Matt Harvey talks his injury



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Sat, 21 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com. I mean I know what might Matt Harvey Mets pitcher met -- the -- and now that you would not get Tommy John surgery. What about the value to regency. Well you know I got through an infant and you know it was it was kind of a rough area and there with the three weeks in between letting things he'll play. You know I -- doctor Anderson and do you believe that. Available with stable and and you know the way that I feel is you know I can rehab and things go well with -- that'll be -- You know we're taking that route and getting the best possible advice from from everybody and you know we have a great for us. Let's just -- -- was sent down with the team attitude -- well how sure the Mets hit the same thing with his. We'll I mean I was there -- went through last year. Obviously we were we were going into the playoffs but in a similar situation or my average my impending one of them. You know I can't imagine what he went through you know with a playoff. Going. Obviously as a competitor we all wanna be on the field and and especially. You know this year with was important situation going I'd love to be out there about. Things have to be taking care of them and nobody. Else's health is the most important thing and you know moving forward with. What are the biggest it was a -- -- from mr. -- your pitching -- -- He knows what they're playing really tough. You know couple their big bats came alive and just more -- things. You know during tremendously and there's just seems like he's he's kind of taken an hour now so. They're doing everything right they're playing hard you know down the stretch and you know they're good ball club -- kind of only a matter of time for the came back and and perform let's say they don't know how to run for. -- they're doing a great job. Where an irrelevance hairy and as you know other faults audio what does it all the really recovered and how I was moving him at. Yeah I mean Duke the Duke rivalry was. Definitely a fun one to go through and -- bass -- and know they -- uses his grade academically it's been so strong and you know everything everything about it this is amazing you know traveling or -- playing against them. You know -- play against you and you know it's such and such a great conference and obviously Maryland's leading. You know I know I know basketball wise that Carolina we've seen him would have no trouble with them so you know than what it might not be a bad thing. A few months back you -- Lester threw luxury fellas how did you keep a straight face when the Mets fans who say they love you didn't even recognize. Both -- fun time that was you know do obvious to the challenge is my first time doing something like that so. You know Jimmy Fallon and and then came up with. You know great -- to do and and I infineon and marketing people for the job or corporation I thought it was. A great job you know great opportunity in and it was the very thing to do. You know I just made the best that I have from within and did my best. Art that we haven't they recall -- might that top three I really aptly struggle brought out the first pitch. Which brings forth what you struggle the most fun to play. Hopefully. Got a lot of hockey friends -- I think it's. You know I enjoy hockey basketball and I've -- 6364. So you know confidence and -- I need to and that's for. I don't know whether it was Parker not not much. What -- Finally met what you're Qualcomm ought to. Well and that is. You know community Wafer for fans to connect and you know and activities if you can and you know based -- -- going. You know Qualcomm is partnering with with Major League Baseball and making everything you -- -- for fans and you know whether to order food from Neifi or. You know picking up roster or information about. The team without getting open and getting -- -- booklet. You call on very. And and make everything. I've met for you -- sort of regular Q were you rest your career. CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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