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Redskins need more from Haslett's defense



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  2. ray Lewis1:14
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars1:47
  4. Jay Cutler1:56
  5. Mike Florio0:06
  6. 49ers1:36
  7. Andrew Luck1:31
  8. New Orleans0:32
  9. Paul Kruger1:15
  10. Steve Spagnuolo0:33
Mon, 23 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com our time from four down segment joined today by Mike Florio of pro football talk and NBC sports and Mike let's start with the Redskins. Defense has been terrible most yards allowed the first three games in NFL history. Could you have a job now be in jeopardy. We've definitely got to be concerned that question is does that ever fall at some point during this season is an happened after the season as we saw. And historically bad defensive performance last year in New Orleans Steve Spagnuolo didn't last very long. After that ended you can't have that can't continue. And the extent the Redskins get the point where they feel like they need to make a change that's the most obvious change to make. Five seconds down now the Ravens on the flip side get up seven touchdowns in the opener in Denver and then bounced back. Zero touchdowns in weeks two and three combined what's the -- the biggest turnaround ball. I just think it's a matter of time opportunities for the new starters on defense to come together to find their groove. The team had been very confident throughout training camp in the pre season that this defense actually better. The last year's version that had ray Lewis and Ed Reed and Paul Kruger and now -- so. Takes a matter of time it's a long season you can't get too down about anyone lost early in the year to keep doing what you're doing. And the things on defense seemed to be there seems to be jelling right away for the Ravens. Third down Andrew Luck in the Colts go to San Francisco and some people calling it an upset of the 49ers Seattle. Looks awfully impressive in yet another way -- your big winner from week three. Plus and it's it's really hard to give the Seahawks a whole lot of credit to his -- playing Jacksonville Jaguars at -- was the way to fares got it out on Sunday night. After blowing a seventeen nothing lead. Trimmed down to four points in the fourth quarter Jay Cutler showed up and made a couple of big throws after he made. That thirteen yard run on third and ten and dropped the shoulder. Cutler stepping up for the Bears and earning that contract that he's gonna get next year either from the Bears or someone else. By and fourth down pro football talk how the story this morning of the NFL continues to pursue the eighteen game schedule. Possibly with some interest things tweaks do you see this happening in the near future -- At some point there is going to be an adjustment. To the NFL season both pre season and most likely regular season challenge at this point. Is getting everyone on the same page the players resisted even though found the the players share in the revenues almost 5050 the players don't seem to be willing to take those two extra regular season games in exchange for a couple pre season games. But this is something that isn't going anywhere -- the league is trying to come up with something the players will in South -- they may have to get creative at some point. -- at some point down the line there will be an adjustment the question is. Do we get extra regular season games do we get your pre season games but it feels like within the next five to ten years they'll be a change. CSN Washington dot com.

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