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Shanahan: 'Excellent football teams don't turn the football over'



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Mon, 23 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com coach I know you say yesterday that your most surprised by the record or injury what what else has. Peja concerned at this point about your squad. Points and lose the game like we did you look at yourself first and look at the -- off eventually we. A lot of the flop kings close a game we get -- get it done defense league as well but we played much better defense when I was pleased with the effort we gave up a few. Big plays that we got to eliminate the we still play good enough for us to win. Offensively. We played hard. The biggest mistake some things that we will only do. During that seven game win streak last year you made all those plays that seems like right now it's the culture of this that. Those plays don't happen you get a drop but all -- if you get a form by the quarterback who makes and I scramble and then you took the ball -- just. The -- the ball bounces like that are there are always. Talk about rumors start with the reason why he went seven games and you don't turn -- -- -- rural England and I -- last year. He'll this year we've turned the ball over in some situations where you can't. You know you lose a game vs Philly because that you lose this game because then. You know the excellent football teams. Don't turn the football your quarterback he seems to be. Or more mobile in the first two weeks you see a progression out of him when it comes to it a comfort in his own body. Well you just is mobile first two weeks -- he was you know this game. The difference when you're three for three scores to help me and again two minute offense completely different. I think some great things very those two games but reflect like. Oh good for a football. Field problems -- -- again I don't know I don't know every -- He's working extremely hard. CSN Washington dot com.

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