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B-Mitch sits down with UFC champ Jon Jones



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  2. Bob Marley2:34
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  5. Starwood0:12
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  8. AFC championship game1:50
Mon, 23 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- it down open Mike Jon -- don't who faces how it's gonna -- this weekend. In a light heavyweight fight of C. Before we get Starwood to fight this week gap left -- was sort of done it with a gruesome -- it just so wasn't bad state. How that experience and what was your rehab like. To be experiencing a pretty early experience it had been an opponent three minute mark of the first round. Sound luckily I was able to finish my point and before five years now and stricker house. Going to be the end I actually would never -- -- -- without the -- of the lost in the championship so. You guys did. When that fan first round and the recovery process. You know they put me in a hole what's it and glad it's been stitched up. I was in that race for both Clippers for about four months. But I'm back are you fighting against another one of the best athletes in the world -- -- -- Houston. And that he had just testaments. It's got its a -- Step away from the -- you're very athletic them we have yet to -- -- NFL putting all of those with the Ravens. -- the most athletic in your spam. And you're we're pretty athletic. Have looked a little brother Kelly Johnson and and the fact that the Patriots. It's very different -- he's a street Hartford and 97 from Baltimore Ravens just want to vote is history. -- the most athletic I'll have to say Chandler the Patriot and he is he can go to football he can. He can jump high runs that he's very intelligent. His -- and a student he's he's just he's that are around have an athlete and how how can the problems are in the most talented of -- -- I'm the best -- -- enough. How was it last year watching AFC championship game. Yeah it was cool experience that was the biggest problem I have her way out of your own futures mainly it's good pitches keep their books. And then like five minutes later than that there's a reason Ravens fans and then when he -- who wins. This -- -- you know black and purple. Thought it was well for me bad everywhere out of that is that partly because both sides -- a further on that team. So it was pretty cool experience for me to be the middle that. Okay -- would play a game called top free meals -- some love and a question today is. You -- let the moment I got out of the -- so what do you listen to plot device to get your red. You know I'm pretty relaxed and it's just -- their own demeanor -- within Bob Marley is one of my favorite artists. -- -- -- No I'm not -- -- but driving against what I love Toronto about. Okay here created for ourselves and -- distribute another program. There suited and that'll who has sort of like having -- and Gelman. Some of the -- his music has progressed to have a guy in my life -- like this flag we go to Rutgers to. So yeah I don't really take it athletic heavy -- happened to them like. Slow move to left field music. That you very much guy go like you said he pulled another championship belt all of your waist again. Tireless and -- shameless you guys that column and clear and it's against the same handle as Johnny won't know what is JO NY believe. I bulimia kind of -- Thanks again and up. Bringing home. Thank you read it. CSN Washington dot com.

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