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A sit down with the Caps Braden Holtby and Nick Backstrom


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Tue, 24 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. When you -- your game and just and I know you're very interest active as far as what you want to improve upon what things did you work on in this offseason. To improve upon for this year. Best some some minor changes just trying to at a depth of the game a little more and you know it says the main one of those consistency that those were the ones we have to keep keep improving on them and going. Couple. So small crease -- I wanna keep it keep improving obviously season under Adams system the first puck handling is. Was good but I think we can do wonders if we keep working out of and there's. Sylvia constant improvement I think. What was your need to focus as far as hockey goes this off season and and what you wanted to accomplish this year. Well I was one of the field faster some working hard enough during the summer plus sort of like number one. Focusing. The Mets. That's what's going. CSN Washington dot com.

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