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RG3 asks Bryce Harper to help him slide


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Wed, 25 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Do you actually practice sliding -- practice. And did in my training camp and everything and how does that actually work we've never seen. See you basically run up to a defender. And you slide. Nominated play solid baseball slighted that it's harder you know it's easier to slide with with football pants on the slowness of the pants and -- going -- to be here but does the soreness and advance tells you slide it -- when you have shorts on and stuff like that it's possible. Less conducive to sliding moment on the practice whom I have and this sounds like weird but like in the off season. Would you like. I mean male athletes and allegations would you ask one of the national LP line out of baseball sites that something you would ever even consider. Title wacky idea how many of priceless to do that I'm definitely up for for us. So alone. Yeah we can do that if you want to read. CSN Washington dot com.

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