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Machine Generated Transcript

I'm Jason also known as the lord -- -- -- I'm trying to make it back to a course he. It was a logical thought hasn't been an -- not. I'm John little. I'm more along the way we. From Comcast. Fortunately this is to whom. But yeah. NHL hall of Famer and former -- I was able -- ball restaurant. Series juices and a legend. Out of line went to an undersecretary of defense from my. Yeah the second greatest number five ever behind. Until the man you thought well I think -- -- The Yankees it. The number one number five more thoughts and join hands is up on the next up there it's there -- programs and provide approximately -- Our budget is Shuler was number so I -- yeah I think. He was number five he doesn't know very much I don't if you Shuler and you're a baseball player though one went right. Since it was putrid this year and couldn't curve ball. And -- again and had a good on the net and big hits big and Little League had no I mean here's -- good. -- my distance. My first three units -- -- as a catcher it works and a little cold. You always like they did people who. These little I was getting -- -- that was beaten up as a kid who grows so older Brothers. Soon. Just you got you'll definitely yes there. Other races and he's from Taiwan. Is the only I believe he's only until player ever to play or from Japan or from China birdies is the best. He's NHL player in history -- person. But for us today you know according to JC you're actually Chinese. I'm out there and I -- it's just from China yes well that I should consider that China is in your world news he's already -- Japanese. Is I don't know they all but sure I got a three sport star in high school right -- what was your best sport high school and was a hockey is you put it up late. You know things until thirteen but mostly football I think they're human and you're going to the curveball I was -- -- for a pitcher and catcher looked. They knew -- like -- hockey in full bloom and the university here to allow me to play -- sports so you could have played football that -- on those particular cornerback or linebacker. -- aren't true tomorrow Notre Dame. We -- be really defeated them more often Notre Dame buddies that don't know you -- and I -- -- turned down Notre -- just the playoff. But I wasn't too young to decide -- blue moon book so I told my meter gold mine kind counselor. Analysts these teams do -- movie which -- plus. But that's -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They'll come up big in. Yeah. It's gonna be curious on your. Just amazes me is that you still play these other sports you're pretty -- -- didn't take up hockey team thirteenth. How do you like. Hockey is such a skill specific -- sport like we did you skate with your buddies before that a couple of real good skater no never really noticed him when don't. Think 1213. Home ugly is beautiful days we'll lose is what he's doing good news -- it was gonna play. Didn't see if you live on a team. Then picked ever relax. I'm gonna -- freeze its. Com got the stuff that -- you might accidentally kicked off the ice -- earlier this business can -- ice because you told. -- Cologne to its nice. This game and I would I would run on this he's a movie holes. Right on the ice sheet you know move since they gonna -- I want whom. Filed them off and -- right. Did more than it's a kicker don't they don't like figure skates are there there and -- all right okay is it just -- just didn't know he's the State's case militant. Just that -- -- and your plan and ponder it -- puck. Ever could you put it upon that -- fearful it's different yeah. Wow that really you know I'm gonna occasional book and who's a river and who's. One who's moving two guys did you think when -- -- yeah. -- don't you can't just jump -- It's caught just keep going until you find that guys you aren't scared part yeah he's yeah an eagle had to -- and just. There's always shallow waters but as -- you're in Italy those same people. The trouble but none of them didn't lose again you know what I needed those. When you're -- in itself because the guys is -- is that obviously got a lot of crap that. Jump again now yeah. There's more to come on -- momentum after -- -- recruiting visit there -- -- like Hart okay. About checks checks. Okay. Happens when maybe your game was. By the five start cooling experts are -- cap -- Metcalf home with a five start technician. Table manners has brought you are blinded DC lottery -- lots of people win. All wheel driver safety and value I think you've got to get to herb -- -- winner of the -- just don't care of our customer service and Maryland's largest volume Subaru -- and I'm seeing deals like zero point 9% financing and went fourteen Subaru Legacy outback we six point fourteen -- back -- point five I think 45 from the 1213 super prospect 2.0 I think MC DT for 240 -- -- Don't miss great deals like this the award winning her Gordon's -- minutes from around Columbia Marlon DC. -- good thing if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies single safety by switching man he's like a ton of dollars -- they seemingly those dollars and lot of companies might answer. But are no commentary and there's insurance born online rays by technology in majors decisions yeah. So whatever they say -- you say yeah. Being hassled and I'm very important hair tearing down and yes especially dollars and you can be sure it's an insurance for the modern world now backed by Allstate quicker call thing. Hey where you don't like table manners is coming right back. -- just a minute. Saturday -- heads to the Steel City to take on Pittsburgh in ACC showdown. Coverage begins at 1230 on Comcast sports net. And by Delaware if it doesn't have this militant you don't want it every time I started out -- I got yeah. It's just your starter nobody it kind of sounds like this. Radiator -- in the summer and off the gas it makes is kind of -- -- Murton -- Just like -- just. It's -- bit. Rough from transmissions to tune ups and everything in between get our exclusive power first -- -- just 99 dollars double AM CO offensive. You're saving his life every amount amount aren't mature reality -- Mike -- When my kids had it in his. -- -- Maintenance kid Heimlich -- -- went really bought them here in American hero is say we don't get -- yeah that. I don't feel I was done interior went right. It's a different -- emotional. You did that yeah you. My daughter's into deal scary good -- drives right. For me -- normal -- HR once I was able. I can't you might -- Our children. You don't you know the proper technique or just wing it going to be a natural thing you found so. Those schools the numbers to it get to go home you know hadn't done it. Could choke. -- that's still. -- hear this -- Know when I was about twelve years old. I see Mo takes this family they were caps season ticket holders and they have that saved the caps campaign you basically saved cast here. Yeah let's get traded I was getting into. I knew I wanted to own country out of Montreal. No because the finances in the machine great. I kind of pushed the button with the GM. Of the time. And also speaks French if you want us to speak friends or -- got to -- out like that you know why is it. -- -- most of Florida actually people around the trees but because of myself because little trouble on it and -- a little trouble but asking home wasn't my dilemma that the the government the exchange rate. It was ridiculous on the money they can go you know there's a hockey team in Washington this year being traded. And the loss of the capitals don't moribund franchise hadn't made the playoffs. And you have to be the savior but again we had a job. Can you look at it that way in these kids a couple of juniors. Think all of sports he's -- good opportunity at a job you don't. You know like a lot of teams aren't happy with that team right this team will not play. Then it could've been money in the career out of it all comes up we'll kind of go was that -- making an announcement at a time. -- play. Third here is make him a 103. That's okay my ears went under through Canadian Becton was 45%. On Nadal. What does that you're good at math. No I'm not I -- his tournament that you have to and I math that's a half and then it -- we'll take another. -- lost -- you made the playoffs every year it. We -- about the impact they were on the verge of extinction. Was the same -- campaign. And Robert Lang Lang are -- Glenn and the rest of the guys come in and you immediately. Make them a contender -- playoff team perennially you know locker were voice right. You were roommates on the road who crazy -- -- he -- lock you out when your butt naked in the in the hotel. He was sleeping no movement yeah so I don't have an argument over the bachelor and yeah I did well. I live this or let's be perfectly clear you do even have boxers on. That you obviously won't say you were sleeping like that next to crack block -- is another big effort. But still. Other color do you think it regularly Malone I think he's in a six point five -- Let's break it down the middle of the night football to club. And what happened to -- -- sleep yeah more along I had ever cares about probably 4 o'clock in the loaded. Let's look. Who went I don't lose that. -- -- -- -- what did you what did you realize that I didn't know what they're humans the main hotel rooms the only member of the number of confidence. So do you food. Here completely naked in the hallway Imus completely and at what point -- I need to get a little sloppy who has those who respond right. Would they say you did a cop there probably like Iverson and someone please please yeah. Again -- on a towel and hopefully the current. Photographed around. You better do it looked around the guys and they don't believe. See in the days of like back a year away with it nowadays social media who are your thoughts are that somebody would probably get a picture. I don't based upon where there are some it's not -- In the lobby for literally. Twenty seconds and somebody got to picture it. -- naked that is not my underwear on that you don't come kind of in underwear what is so I was -- yeah. It's I was just like box -- just sloppy behind Bob. They're playing thank god I thought they are no carts are resolved and Guzman hit and that was fun coastal areas funny for you wasn't somebody from the Enron happens yeah. I would not play a buses and you bat him. Who -- you look at McDowell yeah what's rod Langley is receptions. Of players going out it's not a big deal maybe hockey players having Beers tonight for their game. It's not an old school guy and you guys all the time we're here. Don't let you go would you go out. Pounds and Beers before a big game day before it. I can't get it to repeat perform -- pound -- would do. Thing is that I wrote -- six or eight out of twelve I would rather drink could be isn't going to. Political. Club but no there's a lot of water here and they -- get more -- there. Morgue table manners but it was its been great physical get a chance to be and -- Top ten right now we've -- yeah obviously yeah. Probably blue. Courses Nissan rogue is designed to stand out from the competition. Never saw back. Nissan row with a class exclusive around you monitor single to 3000 shopping choose Nissan dot com. You need a girl -- -- -- -- -- -- True -- Bears expected to give Jones -- so here's my game plan and we'll always serve trusted Tripoli. Tripoli Disney World records there Germany's outstanding coverage and great protection. AAA to use the ball is -- -- What's better than that you child seat only doing it while it's easy -- he can -- to stand in the Nissan Pathfinder. Does choose pathfinder and save of the 2000. Shopping she's she's on dot com. How does behind the scenes footage -- table manners and we'll be right back. Yeah. Yeah. And me move. And. -- -- windows or both of which there are unique climate and -- local factory to help keep you fresh air conditioning and in the summer heat out. Call today for the trade offer. -- and. Just play hockey games get back it's nobody is able -- -- but if I were able to play hockey I'll Wear helmet. You were grandfathered in what was behind your decision not to Wear helmets during your career. I get cut Montreal commitment. From behind and we're -- -- which is just a little plastic shield. And helmet -- list before -- -- almost lost my night took enough -- and I was there. How many times did you have a concussion or maybe on the would have. Good to just let yourself know didn't have gone up I feel like it's self help us in my grandmother's sister went very well. Boil water blue needle and thread. He stirs some up. But you know that's my life where you had stitches like I get your nose -- broken contract. Your -- almost delicacies of an eight year news plus the homes how that skate skate. There were you worried about that -- if there. -- every day to a school and -- -- -- hats and ladies love it though the ladies love hockey players right. Two weeks into the season playing in New York. Mike Dunn has played for New York. Third period we don't voice it's gonna keep the puck in Michael's part it's always goes up. Off my nose tackle we have had. What is that pains my. During the blues that I was -- good to move guys in the ozone. We didn't quit the doctor who's had a couple. Only look wow I. We know it doctors and prepare. -- Thomas context though we're trying to -- -- Because. I could take a loss and -- We're going into overtime that you get we don't stitched me up. Because you know you go to the hospital I sit up the nose just been fixed. Put it back it's just via. Google that match. -- -- Because when those -- appearances. Holy -- it's just me it was about how's it. Does that haunt -- all that that the capitals never Stanley Cup finals while you were playing him. -- -- see him miss them and my -- So called Korea. Is being captain to the Stanley Cup do you like over. I like that pulling them three times four times. He's I would love -- my teams they're absolutely love to watch him play in the coach. -- don't you work. Through and kept. -- at the moment do you think he's been unfairly criticized -- guys won three Hart trophies right three time MVP. And when we do I mean we're in the media fans and you we didn't get on them quite a bit for a guy -- resonant because of the no playoff success to speak up real. Well he can beat that we've made Iraq -- own sense of and we didn't have players will remember really because the semifinals and we get in -- forced trillions Boston's. So we have four guys there told. There's an injury good. -- what you noticed about the fans here in Washington and -- understanding can just look more like we're New England fans and we still some. You know. From other areas of sport's most improvement in the 6% of the fears of women -- -- They say they like do the movement of the -- We'll let them yeah. Okay. Keeping guys there doesn't. You were -- -- -- yeah I'd say you didn't Wear anything you -- orchestrate a lot of -- Yeah yeah. Yeah cups five kids -- It's slap shot there right in the face -- to the highs and I ball pops yeah ice plant. When you -- them what I -- I -- start Grossman yeah consider that might wanna Wear -- wouldn't faze you know. What do you guys I felt. I what the head off would you consider the moment then look at the film. We'll still. I -- you know it takes to even consider this -- -- takes the sport everything we've played a football game. Yeah elbow pads need pads wrist bands that my body is precious to me that the -- don't lobby is just -- whole and -- you guys. Anything you do it's a street Oklahoma street hockey you're taught me -- do you guys know we're tackle equipment. Now when we -- girls we did go -- I don't know if there's not a -- attitude. Only us now with the athletes to football with you would be worth it did and now we -- -- -- temple went on guard -- development. Alumnus. But once -- 63220. Pounds you're going up against other leads NHL players. You would think that you might actually put maybe a pat on the via helmet. No I think if you get to that level. -- -- You know objective so. So those that chose to Wear the helmet to think their policies now. -- I don't know. It just his work. I enjoy enough where. I put him Posey by then back then that Alou probably in practice and you -- your entire career no mouth. He's -- what was what was the. -- -- -- -- -- Coming up after this. Don't get myself in the sun. -- -- -- -- Feel much English -- Irish guys -- great -- didn't have soccer games all. Most guys review on the table. It's going to be Damien. Does that guy who's talking business empire. There's -- Out EB cursing his radio and now seating what's. You know I'm always alluded to. Start taking nation ENT to fix my friend got this small pest problem and my alarm not working -- Age. Five start techniques. He's an easy thing we've got us not just anyone can be a spot start technician -- crowd make him for good crowd Metcalf dot com. They don't touch that -- table manners is coming right back. I don't ever want to risk takers here the Paul -- and there is for deserve. It. -- -- -- First yeah. We -- Yeah. And. -- -- -- DC lottery and feels the thrill of winning instantly. Not expected to. They just batter out -- you you've played out hockey. To play football you played baseball. But what's the -- athlete is at the hockey player of the football players. -- skill -- I would say hockey. You outside linebacker linebackers. His stuff Xavier. But again there are so. Week. Lifting or even strength wise. That they just they're monsters they couldn't play Iraq. Billy couldn't move your arms to play with a stick do you think if you went and our day you went to USC -- -- you know. Played in the NFL they're at a professional football. Well I was scouted dozens. They are soft warm for Dallas -- -- and also wound up and ice at UNH. Couldn't really yeah. So we had a decent football team you. Probably. Great opportunity and you know it's true that Alabama it's probably a really good opportunity. To -- -- stuff wouldn't -- but opted to -- earlier about. You were you that good at quarterback. -- -- -- -- Oh you went on -- the Angels and -- -- definitely our help playing football yeah. Is there and a out of our element could point it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah Neifi up and a goal we had any idea in my school and you wouldn't mind. -- it. -- you -- love there was a freshman team and where. -- -- win it just gonna run you've had a slick paper. I'm just off the NHL -- football budget but once you're close -- high school high school that -- -- hall of things you don't. I think -- so what's your high school and college. You miss it and into your legitimately a living legend. Everything about them like on the bad us blow up like when you got the call that you were inducted prudential. -- good does it matter where you are now working both rank on the in the just went nuts what does that mean you get inducted in the NHL all things. How does your life change. Just it just a purse I think you can't choose. -- still give us know that really. Think it's it's kind of died -- really -- right I know I'm not a hundred Craig Worthington. -- don't yeah. And and hit the fact that he's still there but. -- big and can go play for 3000 -- maximum zones. You know we might be and that that -- Us whether any similarities. Between the way to test but now I'm really caps were built in 1983. Well I would post a -- night and day and you gotta you -- training room at the Verizon Center. That you can put holes in two Guzman. The sooners. -- the you have wanted to get a senator. You reluctant. To jar. It and get in the motor and then Saturday is usually goes that. -- still playing or you like it appeared earlier inning -- knees and can't do it do you miss it you does the golf. Common golfer. -- hockey team plus what's right right. Pretty good player golfer in the world to him you don't need eight strokes hole -- -- -- -- know it was a tough content. Those I think and don't. And yeah. I know you're good player that appeared tentative on that but the -- originated probably influence on us and misses I'm. But yeah ball from the and he is the 76. Ops. I know your round losing. Come in those things in July. It'll be so. Graphic this stuff with the most of the -- and grabbed the end of it. Yeah running with a two years you've.

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