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4 Downs: Chick talks early Redskins woes



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Wed, 25 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Four downs is brought to you by Hollywood casino at Charles town races. Welcome back to tackle football like Chris Miller here we gave Brad Jackson a segment off lord knows he needs it. Time now to go four downs with that we say hello to our very own chick Hernandez for pressing questions from Redskins park should be ready. Please read X wing -- and he's tapped out already chick you know how it is when you do pretty -- -- first down -- -- -- I would be obvious nobody saw on -- restart for the Redskins before the season started. Especially in that locker room -- my question you -- what is the psyche of this team in the locker room right now. Well I think it's still the confidence is still hi Chris head coach Mike Shanahan showed both the offense and defense and game film and show them how close they were to make in the correct place. It's execution or our non execution by one or two players here and there that cost them dearly. -- also said look in the division I know is right away at this point the first three weeks still plenty of time. Absolutely all right. But Carter Rambo started the first two games at safety chicken and let's just say he struggled mightily. Last week he was relegated to just special teams what is it gonna take to get him back in the good graces of the coaching. Step. Just make plays it's that simple hooky played every snap to snap the first two games. Did not play one single when there in game three he says he was kind of shocked by the demotion but he understood it with -- coach -- -- we also says quote I'm reading here. The speed of the game. Everybody says the SEC worries from the University of Georgia is the most and it felt like conference gotten off it's not. It's a whole lot different I just try to get out there and continue to adapt and continued to grow he's got to make plays to be back in the lineup. My third in man. Should the Redskins offense has been outscored by DeAngelo Hall this season in the first half. That is not good my friend are the redskins' plane to change anything to get their offense going early in the games. Well I can say that I can't tell you authority to kill you the game plan not -- to us obviously but look. They have to get out there as they said in just make the plays that they know they can make. And that's the difference in this office especially in that first after they haven't done that and they set about this week once again trying to we've -- before fix mistakes. Can get it done. Diet for finances -- -- Jordan Reed has seen his role in the offense expand weekly so far this season but. He suffered a quad injury on Sunday what is the latest on him as well as Fred Davis who I understand it's fighting an ankle sprain. Yeah as of today Jordan Reed did not practice today. Could not go -- the quad contusion but Fred Davis. Was -- limited and actually he rolled his ankle in the very last practice on Friday of final play of that practice on Friday. That's why he was not in Sunday's game against the Lions but again. Mike -- saying today. If you were a betting man. -- of my words he looked forward Fred Davis has no idea about Jordan Reed and how come back in the quad contusion although he does he has improved greatly. In the last 24 hours. No arguing here chick Hernandez is our four down player joins us from Ashburn -- thanks so much. -- -- CSN Washington dot com.

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