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Smoltz wraps up the end of the baseball season



  1. Greg Maddux1:07
  2. Tom Glavine1:08
  3. Detroit Tigers1:46, 1:53
  4. Adam Wainwright2:32
  5. Miguel Cabrera0:18
  6. Atlanta Braves0:06
  7. Washington Nationals1:51
  8. Los Angeles Dodgers1:47
  9. Major League Baseball2:18
  10. World Series1:42
Wed, 25 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I mean. Might as hopeful that the Atlanta Braves. Is an historic season or if you just hope. How would you pitch. Well Chris Davis. As single handedly carry that franchise and and if it weren't for Miguel Cabrera and I'll probably would be -- slam dunks MVP. But you know I I think the fact that people still picks -- it amazes me and in this. Really I just would have to pitch around a guy like that was the -- has in the ballpark that he plays and it makes it difficult to try and I don't we can swing and miss like a lot of guys camp but he hasn't done too often. Many pitches these days you -- came back up to Tommy John surgery some things better than ever becoming the first pitcher to ever caught trying to win -- 150 say. When you -- Stephen Strasburg what do you think he absent due to become the best pitcher. I think there's a mental adjustment every young pitcher goes to defining themselves and their identity of who they are. Everybody has expectations put out of what they should do how they should do it -- to find out yourself it's not fair to not. Expect his learning curve to be the same as Greg Maddux Tom Glavine and myself back in the day. Because he was thrust in an environment where you know winning in the pressure to win this is imminent. I think it's been difficult form from a mental standpoint that's just it that's just an opinion. Physically you're gonna figure it out -- training and put himself in position to be the best pitcher you can -- but the identity of who he wants to be and how he wants to pitch. He needs some time to work that out some guys skated a little bit later some guys getting quicker peace in that mode right now where I think his career can take off here and. That's the game of criticism it's good to Cleveland in 2013 World Series will be. Well I think it's going to be the Detroit Tigers. And the Los Angeles Dodgers I didn't think that the beginning I thought it -- the Washington Nationals beginning of the year and the Detroit Tigers. Looked like predicting and like now vice. Being an analyst I haven't been right a lot that's what's difficult about trying to project what do you think on paper should happen but match ups and tiny series of three out of five weeks off and provides. A different scenario. John we noted you're a big golfer we can play a game here call the top three so diligent probably don't live Major League Baseball and past our present. While it's a great question. They're recently played will Mark Mulder I would put him up against anybody's. Extremely talented golfers. I know my man in an Adam Wainwright says that he's in that class too. He's strong and can hit a long way but you know being out of the game and playing golf with a lot of great athletes and celebrities brick road was the top of the class forever. As has baseball player's goal is going to play a little bit on the senior tour herself might not -- gone to. Rick Rhoden and now I'm just trying to get close to best -- Joining you today is 30 Austin Freeman a cancer survivor. You're both here as part of September that's a pediatric cancer awareness month tells how you got involved and it's great -- and how the public can get involved. Well I got involved in an interest in the way through playing baseball on -- caravan back in the late eighties when the Braves are trying to find fans and promote themselves when we were very good. And in every city that we went to we visit the hospitals and visited patients there and I'll tell you what. It I didn't enjoy it it wasn't something that was fun but it changed the perspective and that I had towards the rest of my life -- my career. Facing those challenges those families were dealing with -- you don't choose it chooses you and his hero right here in honor of sitting next to Austin is the reason why even this small interaction. Changed my life gave me hope and inspiration AFLAC has donated. Posting eighty million dollar since 1995. In this endeavor and they're gonna have to donate up until two million dollars through December if you just. Past tagged up prints on Twitter. FaceBook or. The great technology of YouTube and those are things that don't folks can do at home and to get this. To a disease where we get a 100% theory that's what we have to do for their hopes and desires and the attitude that he -- hatton fight -- this horrible disease. I wish everybody could see it and have the same same attitude that he has towards life on the same fate that he has been in this this trial he's deal. Just don't think before his. Thank you very much. CSN Washington dot com.

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