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Kyle Shanahan: Last year was "easy at times"


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Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com creating new anytime you get detention that we did that. San Fran did Seattle did last year when you have something that was a successful. You guys are too Smart they're gonna work all offseason find a way to stop -- commenting when that happens you got to get better at the other stuff. Tom I think we do have some other stuff I think Kerrigan better at it we just some of the stuff last year too. Com but the thing about last year was a lot of people were ready for -- at all. So what it was easy at times you know and now doesn't mean that it doesn't workers as nice as that is not shocking people like you were last year. And when teams are. Completely committed to stopping something and I don't care what it is they're gonna stop it and you got to do other stuff to make them worried about other stuff before you wanna come back to that and attack him. I don't think it was any real big secret about what are they gonna do I mean there's certain ways you can. He knew they'd stop and I mean not. Just go get the quarterback battle on the run make him handed off every time overload the defense put everybody over there. Take a safety out of the middle of the field and bring him down here outnumbered there's not too many options on those are all the obvious options I do stop it. Common teams do do then that leaves holes other places and when you have holes other places how automatic are you and execute those plays and attack that and comic I don't think we have been and all those areas I think we've been at little hit or miss and yesterday continue to be better clean and all that up. It's CSN Washington dot com.

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