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A day in the life of Caps' Steve Oleksy



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Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. And when Stephen Alexi made his NHL debut last march it began a whirlwind of success for this previous journeyman. That 27 year old recorded his first NHL assist in his first NHL game. That five days later he scored his first NHL goal. He plays Smart I would fire -- Best illustrated by the different shades of black. -- on his face during the next two months. After making stops in eight different minor league cities in four different leagues. Alexi has finally found his home in Washington -- -- -- why he finds motivation even before every season game in Baltimore. Love -- love toys they play at a -- -- and see how she goes. -- the people Baltimore will taste. -- for a. The center of the park. Look for the ball ain't how you feel they've grown how your field. Tough place here they just. Just natural born body -- Throw and everybody around. He get all bought -- block. Did you see guys here. After an afternoon nap Alexi takes to the streets of charm city to walk to the Baltimore arena but not without a pit stop first. They have been giving caffeine -- -- I -- an -- in the hockey business and I still think we have you know it's. To sweep those trees. Figure anything. Definitely don't think -- -- -- -- or can -- get I'm medium price tumble. Coffees. And I yet. I'm medium price caramel highrise it's getting unbelievable. At -- -- -- fans did your friends so that's why don't we hear it sort of all but road trip we -- -- different. Plan it differently in different cities that are home game. But it's nice you know -- Baltimore being so close to. Kinda -- capitals on -- a little bit obviously we can't hear things like things calm down home the chance of making those game but. You know -- they're always enjoyed. It's no wonder -- who likes baseball he almost played in college and he still plays before every game -- -- resourceful. -- Good luck. Yeah I got a baseball -- but fortunately you know this season. It was left back home Washington's. We had to get creative and -- was nice enough of them used his old clubs actually felt pretty good today. Or nice nice thank you Canadians. -- -- -- Unless you. You're the only real life it's. OK okay. -- -- Okay let's get going yeah that speed. Don't look great coming across knows he's. Probably going to -- -- Why don't you drive. -- -- -- Night. Like the excitement maybe. While driving -- Well. Playing at least three times. It's one of those things and plays -- part of the game. Pre season if it happens it happens but the last thing anybody wants to do either side is you know break and you know fight pre season. You know -- take taken that punch in -- -- You know miss four to six -- Obviously going to shoot until it was exciting. 47 year. I think guys to field and building with the energy. Provided us. CSN Washington dot com.

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