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What is on Washington's 'to-do' list this offseason?



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  2. Dan Haren2:33
  3. Mike Scioscia2:23
  4. World Series2:03, 3:04, 3:06
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  6. Davey Johnson1:24
  7. the Braves0:30
  8. the reds0:11
  9. Matt Williams2:12
  10. Mark Taylor2:39
Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. There's those celebrations at the channels. With the Cardinals splitting the year and the reds and Pirates both play their game. Tonight the Washington Nationals video mathematically. Eliminated it from wild -- Playoff possibilities. Well mark we all saw this coming for months but the very end. Seem very very sudden for the nationals basically after the Braves series -- they got swept and seem completely out of it. They played great baseball. They had the best record in baseball actually guys from that point forward and it showed you that the talent wasn't there that this is a team that could have. Been among the best in baseball may do the post season it just took too long to get it going and I know. Everybody's wondering why it happened and what went wrong I'm not sure who point to one specific thing but -- here's where I think it comes down to. I don't think it was a case of them. And not be able to deal with the pressure and expectation that was placed on them if anything I think it was a case of them. Not having any sense of urgency you know when things were going well early on the message -- kept hearing from them was. It will be all right it'll be fine we're two talented just give it time it'll all come together. And all of sudden they woke up 1 morning of August and their fifteen games out and it was too late. So I think what they actually needed along the way with somebody in the -- kick in the pants a little earlier whether that was Rizzo makings of kind of move whether it was from Davey Johnson. Something to have a little more sense of urgency and I feel that -- You can't just assume that this team is good enough to win you actually have to play with a little bit more the chip on your shoulder I think that's a lesson that they've learned this aaron's gonna help them next year that they're not gonna take anything for granted now. Well Rizzo of course -- back for next year -- won't be back for next year mark look into your crystal ball. What -- than accepted the award their biggest need them to drop the song. Well that is the first thing they have to get a new manager and it's wide open I know Randy -- as the bench coach -- -- a lot of support. Within the clubhouse I think he is the front runner going in. The only question like we said before his do you give a team like this it should have World Series aspirations so that's never managed before. I think there is still a lot of support I think he is going to be the most likely choice for some other names to consider Matt Williams right here with the Diamondbacks to third base coach Mike Rizzo likes him a lot. I think they are gonna look at who might be. I'm available maybe -- garden higher if he were to become available from the twins might be named they look at I don't think Mike Scioscia is gonna get -- all the money left on his contract. There's not a lot of experienced guys out there and so that's why I think it plays in the -- ignores. -- as far as act as other things they need to do number five starter Dan Haren is a free agent is gonna go I don't think they're gonna bring him back. They could go with one of the kids -- row Mark Taylor Jordan but knowing Rizzo he likes more of a sure thing so I think he's gonna go after one of them and then obviously the bullpen and the bench. Problem areas for them this year they were so good for them last year they're minor tweaks after he made those some really key spots and I think going into next season. Real quickly here mark Charlie Manuel any interest there as a guy who is. -- -- -- I don't think so I know it sounds like hit the perfect had to step in but he's a seventy year old manager who has won a World Series they have a seven year old manager has won a World Series and they're not bringing him back so. Would you just take dating back if that was the case that's why don't think it'll be Charlie Manuel. CSN Washington dot com it.

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