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Defining moment of Washington's season?



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Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back to the baseball so I'm Brian Jackson two months ago Mets manager Davey Johnson made the definitive statement. World Series or bust. In -- Baltimore the Orioles with a dark horse to win elite. After both teams were eliminated from the playoff race this week we asked the question what was the defining moment for each team this season. For the nationals that NASA takes is back to may thirteenth when Bryce Harper went crashing into the right field wall deduct stadium. That Bob but guys kept it simple thing -- wall to wall wings. -- 45 -- definitely the moment harper crashed into the wall damaging himself and the team. Harper is clueless to the long term ramifications. He doesn't know the difference between playing hard. Play Smart. It wasn't overwhelming sympathy for the Orioles bullpen Ricardo in greenery head point 23 straight losses back in Arizona in August. Think that that's their depleted the team and they never quite bounce back after that. And I thought it was there it was went four Orioles were named to the all star game. The most of any team in the majors so one neither team lived up to their pre season expectations. They both had the pieces to make another run at the post season come next spring. And that would do for this week's baseball presented by -- CSN Washington dot com.

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