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Raiders QB situation makes game plan tougher



  1. Nick Barnett2:23
  2. London Fletcher2:10
  3. Bill Romanowski2:15
  4. Terrelle Pryor's1:06
  5. Raiders0:59
  6. Oakland0:17
  7. Washington0:02, 1:08, 2:34
  8. NFL record0:56
  9. defensive player2:12
  10. coaching staff2:21
Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Ever -- secondary has been part of a bigger problem this year which is. The -- -- defense as a whole unit that was supposed to be the strength of this team has ended up being a huge weakness thus far a trend that must come to an end in Oakland. Chick Hernandez has more. When only three everyone's a critic. And the Redskins have heard -- all the defense so dolphins' book. Everybody's so it's you know that's what happens -- -- -- moon -- you know blood we're very confident residency in the locker room and I will have a new ground. He did one about a big town on business and room offensively turnaround for the. It's not. You know. Sixteen different voices tell you something different we have one voice. One locker room Gasol wanted to achieve the goal is going to be -- -- for defense that's allowed an NFL record number of yards and three game. Getting ready for a Raiders team that ranks in the middle of the pack in yards per game may be a welcome relief. But even that comes with a zone issues. Thanks to Terrelle Pryor's concussion Monday night Washington has two quarterbacks to game plan for that match play in the standing -- Flynn isn't got a can make all the rooms and so but that's more tradition that's more. What -- an affair which your defense is built around in the first places. You don't tradition. Quarterback went obviously pride doesn't these interest in the defense up and we'll prepare for that. We're gonna refer to row prior and he's a dangerous weapon on. We felt like he's going to be altered the foot -- after he goes shorter than on. We'll just a -- they're gonna run our offense you know maybe a few plays that they are there wrinkles that they -- without -- they won't -- but I don't think they'll be -- We write a book you know typically in the. Well Pryor he's gonna he's gonna do more the -- Designed run plays and things like that. But you have to also prepare for Flynn if he's a QB in. He we had to prepare for his system in and the guys that they have in the system you know has really dispute skill players against a good running back -- you -- -- -- -- who still had the I'll prepare for this for skiing. Linebacker London Fletcher will set the consecutive games played record for defensive player at 244 on Sunday topping Bill Romanowski. And one of the things to look for is him being stronger. In the second half. He's agreed with the coaching staff to take some plays off Nick Barnett got eight plays last week. And the sixteen year veteran has noticed is much stronger. In the second half games what the Redskins and -- chick Hernandez CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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