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Tyler Polumbus lays out the formula for a Redskins win



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Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. They took off this addition of Redskins nation with Tyler Columbus right tackle for the Washington Redskins and thought it elicited the guys talk video you know I'm really worried about that by -- nobody is wanna bring up the fact that you need to win before the -- but how about. Obviously to win. Basel and -- -- -- and in the picture of me because some even in the ballpark over thing and -- thing about the football game in. Turn your and you've got W and -- -- different back you know. Chara seemed like the offense and it seems like the office is picking up steam is improving in every game and you know what you what you need to score more points obviously but how do you view it as this has this team didn't begin to take some steps here. You know I mean this it's frustrating -- is we're certainly moving the ball as an offense and you take pride in that you can move the chains a little bit we're not doing well on third down -- -- matters you're not gonna be successful football team until yours you're picking on third downs and so we just harping on those third downs and start putting points on the board whereas though we're moving the ball well it we're not finishing the drives so he has a lot of -- -- felt just -- them in the penalties and -- that's what we do and we've been known as team runs the ball runs a play action and but from where our best we're doing that. Hole even grow the -- Tyler -- -- putted pretty good there. Well the spartans. Probably go to -- was really on -- has -- on and I'm in terms of thought wife was pressuring me you good. Wonders what if you look at discovered here I mean. I'm gonna say something hopefully it'll take a swing yeah. If he's going to be -- the slides off a little bit left that he's gonna look like a guy named James -- field. You know who that is. Tonight he's the lead at Metallica. OK okay do you see that little bit I'm a more yeah a little bit aren't aren't it is similar I mean look I don't know I thought with -- everybody -- football players with an analyst Chris Miller about that is that is got a nice when he's playing well. When you when you look at this trip to Oakland. The handle it and it definitely when you're a guy from outs from your from out west so does this trip we're going up there a day early it does that help you at all. No I had my last thought was in Seattle as far as -- musketeers planned for came here and there is time we -- obviously we've. We do today trips and so on used to doing this we doing all the time out there I think it does help you with with big time change you just huge body adjusted and you don't feel like you're just Russians so much. Mood of the locker room. As high as the hopes were going into the year I mean I still feel Lotta confidence in the bowl in what do you feel. I I feel like were football team knows who we are and where we've got a bunch of guys in locker room there right guys we have the right guys locker room and on play football. We've been successful with this exact group of people. So the mood in the locker room is as good as it can be world three and that's terrible feeling good we know we are and we know that we have to put us would rather play good football and on -- Robert was asked yesterday and one of the press conferences that take place if you know his teammates have any feelings about him getting so much attention and he's said. It's really all about team -- you're one of his teammates on the offense. What are your thoughts did you see this is unfolded the last two years telling your rookie you've been around awhile it -- a lot your career. How do you view of this the phenomenon which has been RG three. You know -- I don't really feel like the outside doesn't mean I certainly. I try to not read press clippings -- -- consultant and so I've -- what you're talking about not. I don't feel the superstar and persona that people refer to him in all it feels great teammate a great leader and and so as -- as far as I'm concerned that's -- mute point because I don't we don't feel -- it was. You know they say put your head into the dirt in Oakland you actually could be putting your head in the dirt you realize that apparently don't have an open in Cuba it talked about that -- all -- well it how. I mean I guess it's creates its own little challenge. In your footing can give myself I've played there a couple times and for the most part I don't think -- -- too much and every now and then. Million an awkward spot where your -- finds out on him -- You know hopefully you just overcome those surroundings and are worried about you know I think runners put the ball. Formula for a win what is a good formulas cook something up here Redskins need a win obviously. It's long overdue. It's going to the the chemistry lab here when he what do you cook up here what what what's gonna happen. -- I think it's it's wonderful William we gonna go out and do what we do investments we are who we are on the ball we -- built to run our play action and then we entered a third downs so. On offense does that answer I think on defense and because Shanahan talks all time -- them and a one dimensional game. So take with a run and make some surplus and the ball and I think -- they're loud and clear where we'll do those things. Here's to happy trip I -- back aren't aren't -- This redskins' offensive line and more Redskins nation after a three time. CSN Washington dot com.

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