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What advice could Jenks have for Jim Leyland?



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Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. If we've been seeing a lot of bench clearing -- lately we saw that massive hockey brawl in an NBA it does happen a lot but. Isn't it. The call I'm sorry to interrupt. I gotta suck you right there in with -- every I don't know I have a public service announcement. For all of our viewers over the age of 65 that's laughter correct you -- Jim Leland is not 68 years young. He -- 68 years old. I need to be concerned about one thing and one thing only it's the elephant in the room and I was gonna say it. Is he regular. All I'm series would get at it that isn't -- a -- chase so if you're that old in your managing a baseball team here's your schedule from now want. You wake up early pour yourself a hot cup sank. -- the -- -- about the Internet because its way to complicated. Reading your paper look at the sports section don't forget to glasses now you've probably got a night game so to thirty is nap time. When you get up that's when you make out your lineup card and here's the important part during the seventh inning stretch. Take your jurors if you'll let me get into the game and your back starts to act up probably have a little sciatica and if you win the division by no means no dancing but maybe you do the Charleston appears to be in the clubhouse. Otherwise sit down don't move enjoy some warm milk and go to bed. I turned forty in December so I clearly have issues will have more baseball for you tonight and I was -- central at ten. So Jenks I have to ask are you 39 years young or 39 years. Old room Polamalu on the roll mostly to tell you about it your. Our. Exists we don't move all about it -- I -- you and I think we just locked them. CSN Washington dot com.

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