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Fantasy guru Adam Levitan talks NFL Week 4



  1. Nate Burleson0:45
  2. Stephen Jackson1:06
  3. Shawn Green2:11
  4. Calvin Johnson0:29
  5. Jake Locker1:44, 2:07, 2:14
  6. Steven Hill0:19, 0:28
  7. Daniel Thomas1:59
  8. Steven Jackson0:57
  9. tough schedule2:18
  10. Rookie quarterback0:37
Fri, 27 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Now to help you with those difficult roster decisions we bring in -- -- world football writer Adam let it stand for game. Would you -- -- there are some tough choices this week at several positions let's start at wide receiver who would you rather have Ryan Royals or Steven Hill got -- real. Careful not to over react just even those weeks for a breakout which came against an injury ravaged. Frankly pretty bad bills secondary Steven Hill does have Calvin Johnson -- kind of vegetables but he's just been real prone to drops in his career to regret the mistakes and really really really long. Rookie quarterback in geno Smith I think it's going to be a lot of bumps in the cruising along with Stephen -- Feeling -- a lot more consistency -- Royals with the Nate Burleson out until November -- -- -- slot receiver on a team that. Led the league in pass attempts last year for a sure handed guy I'll be really surprised he hasn't actually. Five balls gave the rest of the way. With Steven Jackson out for several weeks there's a couple of options in that Atlanta backfield. Would you rather have between Jason Snelling and Jack was Rodgers. Yeah it was Stephen Jackson now he's -- pretty even time share in the three degrees Rogers started and played the first six net. Think Jason Snelling came on the next four snaps that's pretty much the way went -- first beginning there is no defined roles there was a third down back in the a couple linebackers that short yardage back around just yeah alternating anything given that I think I'd rather have. You're Chris Rodgers he's a little bit more disposable bit quicker through the when they might have a chance to get cute -- a big play acting -- the touchdowns -- be pretty random. The Dolphins and Titans are huge surprises in the NFL this season claim is undefeated Titans only have one -- so who would you rather have between their quarterbacks. Jake Locker or Ryan -- yeah. Yeah I've been really impressed by -- right -- so far this season. -- those guys play wide receiver for texting them now -- top twelve NFL completion percentage yards. And passer rating and and he -- Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas playing so poorly Lidstrom and get the run -- gonna think -- -- Can he wanted to -- -- in Miami to win games on the other hand Jake Locker can you know run first with the Titans wanted to run to win -- his Johnson eventually win. Shawn Green gets back I'm not convinced Jake Locker from the corner with his accuracy. Towards pocket presence and Titans have a really tough schedule coming up. Over the next month I would be surprised -- Jake Locker was a -- -- quarterback chair next to it. -- a world football writer at 1110 joining us thank you -- CSN Washington dot com.

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