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  1. New Orleans2:12
  2. Patriot League4:09
  3. Pro Bowl1:17
  4. Terrelle Pryor2:40
  5. Plano5:39
  6. football team0:26
  7. deciding factor3:49
  8. athletic ability3:41
  9. special teams3:48, 3:57
Fri, 27 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Coach are you started off -- injury -- -- -- planet did you go gorgeous game how would you rate this sense of urgency for this would view it. It was the other groups -- different here here or important. One victory. Very disappointed because we -- we had our chances. To win couples put into it take advantage of it. Our football team is Smart enough to know that you look me in the station comfortable here and get some -- dollars and hopefully we -- our -- games. I don't know. Carle said at the shop. From running -- breed of option this golf plays because gone to place teams are more prepared for it. But you have so much success with -- -- last year both in the passing game and running game and I've heard a lot of guys stayed that you all still have a lot more run. How do you what I guess make adjustments and make sure people are still going to be shocked in the sense. Well the game. When you say you can get you know people talk a little. Oakland what what Kyle said that if people are working on music in the offseason other get better. But what it takes time to work to take away maybe the option play -- place you'll. The key is not turn Pro Bowl apparently you do that you stop yourself. One thing about the zone read option. You're -- implement something like that and you can't stop it. It does open some different doors and hopefully will be able exercise that's just. Robert -- season improvement from week one to now when you look at -- how does -- look in your mind. -- get better each game you play yourself through injuries and -- -- what he's doing I think she'll work within itself each game. Hopefully you. Crucial this week. We saw last year appear he battled some injuries -- when he was in the game you can see as impact. This year so far in three games 23 receptions sort of maybe officers and a touchdown on his face like a fourteen on your season. Is that what you visually appear when it when you signed and here. Well you never know for sure because of that I was hoping. And then take me long after the first quarter yeah are your residence New Orleans. Do yourself a special player but you see that in practice. Theres a good competitor he's gonna block he's gonna catch. He's into the game he would excellent every play we just casual inspection of the the distance. And you can't find very many players like that. You know back when we can people. You're on defense in the first two games in fare very well last week only give us extra yards. You play -- as the greatest this week third in the NF -- Running the football Terrelle Pryor may not play but still how important is it that you go out there. Stifle their running game to have a some success and I think great defense is -- matter. What Steve could you talk about again. The team that -- this in the got to be able. The teams can run the football usually the passing game and it was only dropped back -- play actions and -- on offense and a one dimensional game. Or at least limit so they're bigger runs championships. Please review the report -- a -- -- may -- -- -- and Matt -- If you prepare always for the guys here in mobile is an easy adjustment going to be guided me not be very mobile. What is in the running game in helping the passing game develop some of these Braves are witnesses are. I don't know prior to -- great job against Denver and you can drop back and make some great plays in the passing game. Two games previous to that what I mean he was just off the chart from the football so. He's a guy that can do both. I'll -- this as some great days too much time as much his running threat. How many people are ahead -- athletic ability but he's got to experience. Very comfortable passing. Especially as they did a mile Houghton I always felt that special teams can be the deciding factor in a football game. Haven't had the big returns this year and covers hasn't been as good also. What do you feel needs to happen putters this special teams that come on be a team that. Pats pick of the team that can sort of moment to just funny our coverage teams have a little bit of the doing okay good. Mike you mentioned. Have you returned to go you can and everybody is -- Patriot League experience that are. We are getting better we're not where we want to be right this time and hopefully keep on improving that area but I do think we've got a couple guys that are healthy enough. Handsome returns and makes a good place. The only takes one of those such thing as you if you get tips from the experience -- Reagan bush -- archive format it was sort of him would he be available and -- I really don't know he kicks of 45 yarders today didn't feel like Q is there any pressure. His groin area. But that's actually kicked -- yet so he's gonna go to the coliseum tomorrow. -- practice receivers that big decisions do you worry about him when that injury going out there would have been different surface. Because you look at a lot of kickers sort of you have that -- were talking -- and I I've heard kickers talk about this surface all the time is very difficult for them and their quirky bunch of guys anyway. Well you know a lot of people are talking about that third and I think you got a -- you practice. Club or practice on an infield before. If you don't you know do at least a day before he -- like -- so we'll get over the years ago they kick him. There are comfortable to do -- infield goes to probably go for did you have any special feelings going back over. You know what I was there you know I was in LA -- was always an adult at that time and -- them. Corporation that's me yeah I said it's been 25 years since I've been yourself. Well times expired -- -- college years at Denver Plano so many years in the world. This is about what. I cultural. Hopefully we'll be talking that's really what we got the next about the 22 when you want to win a 1001 okay so. Oh you're right keep their moment on -- CSN Washington dot com.

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