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  2. Washington Redskins12:41
  3. Isiah Thomas18:06
  4. Indiana Pacers13:30
  5. Barry Bonds22:55
  6. Tiger Woods19:47, 22:55
  7. John Thompson13:41, 14:39, 15:10
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  9. Gloria Vanderbilt18:41
  10. Wake Forest4:50
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-- can't -- BC moderately. I'm super agent yeah. -- -- -- -- When -- David's fault go with the ball look. Great thing about grown up like you follow Seau got my son's -- out that much used mostly as good as I knew I was two men both sides few balls. I know about how I got to play I was -- -- here and I was pretty -- like most young people as precisely about did you fight the good fight. It is the call over for Wally and I -- Rogaine the half and I didn't -- like -- I thought how ridiculous there's like that you know like. These have like 68 years old and had -- if you push -- more volatile so one day I kept thinking about shaved my head. So when that my wife perished in the business and don't posted the kitchen table I was just talking and I just -- tradition. Cycle stairs and take my electric great just like to back third and come back down finished coverages. Nobody knows anything so no time Escobar went up to the -- third shave it all off and like you see here eight years in order. I don't feel like microscopic. No analyses of so don't even notice. So it is greatest can we rewind when. David -- is growing up. Unlike the four of us. Who knew each other go to -- I don't think any of us knew it ten what we wanted to do. You apparently knew when you're like ten years old I -- represented athletes. Well I feel it at ten I wanted to be a lawyer okay and actually had a couple hours from my family but I wrote they were much older I was cousins. And now I think I'm not that great that's how to have this in Louisville like when I was growing up in Levittown. The fifth and sixth grade -- usually graduation had this thing he got a little book. -- by seven with different colored -- -- called autograph book you write stuff from our friends. Like like too young to -- for Rose it was a in this one guy in my class and Gregory now. When even a close friend brought a lot of your book should be a lawyer Croshere great or you're. I'm -- as good a much. As -- stuck in my head like and they want to be an astronaut didn't want to do you know baseball player I'll applaud the allure. And always loved sports I was working out and bought 512 years old on. Sports junkie I can use those are absolutely so close to ground zero half. And so I was in college my first day of colleges serve is also first ball or Belmont for the two. Star recruits and we became best friends like from day one on that is really and -- notion we all graduated. That I had represented. As a player won when guys got draftees -- please score in the country. And I really about time. For club there's more to come on -- matters Michael. You've got to Oregon. You have to -- I don't mind that it won't go to decide what to do but don't. And so I called my. -- trusted to be beyond. We've got. More important job. By the five starts cooling experts are Grubman cap crunch -- home with a five start technician. Table manners has brought to you and are blinded -- lottery where lots of people win. Yeah. Yeah. For starters yeah. -- -- Yeah. And. -- -- -- -- -- You can win a million dollars constantly. Every Redskins game get an exclusive pregame -- on Redskins kickoff between the latest team news expert analysis they. He interviews Redskins kickoff and presented by your Washington DC area GM CD. Exclusively on Comcast sports net. That Comcast sports net hopeful that to keep up with -- Patriots. Just the latest from this he hasn't talked blocks and keep up with your -- insiders -- share your favorite articles on FaceBook and at Comcast sports net today on all your devices. Don't feel like this year so far keeping here morgue table manners. Saturday through junior petals -- state followed by NC state visiting Wake Forest Cavaliers Cardinals. That demon deacons coverage begins at noon on Comcast sports net. Bronson by yellow -- if it doesn't have this he'll attack you don't want it. Thursday regular season hockey returns to Comcast sports net as Washington takes up Calgary at the Verizon Center. We bring you all the action before the game tune into capital's central we're exclusive we. News and analysis. Dad stay tuned after the game for instant analysis simply reactions on capitals post in my. Complete coverage of the Flames capitals clash only -- Comcast sports net. -- -- -- -- Our first things. Want to tell them about our first season we started doing it cable access TV show ability 1995. Was -- it was called sports and we decide you know what we don't know we're doing we don't know what our value is what's amazing it'd be -- the only -- we know mile pole -- He was a criminal offense and it really worked out and his uncle sends us through a law libraries -- -- -- for him -- owners are. How did you do that that was the one thing that I found fascinating read your book the -- truth and you know I don't wanna get through and you know -- your entire career but. One thing you were amazing yet early on it was determining someone's value to the marketplace in the matter of the salary structure. If a rookie coming out was being paid a million dollars a year piece of my guys work formula. How did how did you find that out how did you determine. Well. You know I was I was attribute tree but I job and after about some of the legends in the biz like -- are about the -- west -- bottle. You realize you're -- walking. Until Jerry West what you're theory how good the guys who go laughter. And so as an econ major college like I developed the theory that. All these players have inherited economic value independent that talent so. Like these examples Patrick you're right so there was 23 teams. Sixteen months of the playoffs in the seven that didn't go won the lottery. The red lottery and they -- -- so I don't know what our trip was frozen envelope for a sunglasses. Are the ball we all know -- we say your room and Georgetown myself coach Thompson and it came down to Indiana. And the next for the last two Texas forget Patrick Ewing who grew up in Boston plays -- washing baby's got get a chance to play for the next team. Or you go to Indiana which is a great place to play basketball but from visibility standpoint. I got drafted by by the next well. As they -- major when you go -- -- 5050 chance to get the number one pac. To a lottery system we -- won in seven chance which is 14%. He just made a very rare -- weight where. As you know when you try to bottle water when they say in PG county's you know water for a week and all the sudden follow what the cost five dollars cost twenty dollars if you can't buy. I felt -- Patrick economic values. I just skyrocketed because the odds of getting him where amazing. Plus didn't they use him in the marketing material before you even income which is amazing they asked -- version -- put him on the season ticket brochure I thought that was a joke right. I just gives you all the -- in the world does selling tell. Don't mean I'm gonna be there so when did my boss dol dol cause businesses have you given any thought what you -- -- -- Things like god like day and I -- -- get about this will be I've written a three page number on myself. It's like in the memo he reads that starts laughing -- that god I would love to be the next would you walk him and asked me for 39 dollars for working. I won't -- talent scout Taylor please stop smoking -- yeah. I can say that. I -- it is what would you say has had no problem. You've had two great back to back seasons he won a total of 46 games -- the -- Michael celestial which is enormous. -- international company got coupon that can afford to tell your fans that actually go back to Georgetown when your grad school. And and because you can't afford to pay what it costs to sign them. -- signed for three pointers throughout the whole summer. And his value wasn't gonna change -- -- sort of playing your game going you know. There's no way they're gonna let him go back to school on a -- and. And I'm sitting here thinking. -- never represented radio or TV guys -- the wind not well I don't for college ordeal refining our got a little. Bobby and -- You could expect just that you can have a few bites we should come out of first TVA's and what he did rare person these meetings. We had a potential TV show in the works we shuttle pilot. We actually were flown to New York -- crew gave us a standing ovation standing ovation. Then we have a meeting to talk about where we're gonna shoot the show and things like that and in the middle of the meeting. Our agents -- -- up and said I have to go full of cars torn apart you write what he resembled reverend Jim from taxi. Harris also you are the masks -- don't know it was -- cal Ripken Billy Ripken thing you know like our radio guy who's a superstar was his older brother it was his brother. -- -- -- I got to the today. I I've felt kind of good about what else learn of one of the -- what do. What I'm wearing it a million pieces when I look at David and he's just looks and a solid job with different lifestyle they've all. Came in here and you talk by getting just happy you're happy picture -- -- all the hard out there. He said yeah I just received a 101000 dollar gift certificate it doesn't -- -- as a receiver -- is. You have to make friends and how does that work -- that does -- Used every year you have. Oh my god like I would get a -- fell on it. Enjoy this table manners and street how did you originally and press and press them when you do that. I think you realize though is extremely important because there's some. As well as that we're in the red dress right what did absolutely yeah you couldn't -- driven. 130 yeah our school. School what you do know that. -- Start taking needs to see -- -- to fix -- -- got dismal past problem and my alarm not working then. -- on a five star techniques. He's he's -- we've -- -- not just anyone can be a five starts -- -- crowd make him for good crowd Metcalf dot com. -- -- -- -- yeah. We -- This. And. He's just yeah. DC lottery on -- thrill of winning instantly. Okay quick bathroom break. But then get back here for more table manners. -- -- -- -- So it's. A good win those super energy. Trying to hear you do need your help should specifically for you plug it in their local factory day. Sweet small. Definitely turned. The support of the Washington Redskins cold today for the thrill for. Back -- table -- Was your first clients on the. That's the first big money land the fly to Atlanta anyway mean that in the first five years. I'll just like the product so like the seniors got to go out and recruit players negotiate the deals I wrote -- deals. And they base is that nobody wants to do the personal -- says that like I like commercialization Mikey we try. Is it David here you are injured daily Wally walker. And John Lucas. And I did the most mundane. Like if you want to in my entire first -- Houston and he said the cost 75 dollars a call like spot target shoot and go to six. -- obviously you have. A lot of great clients coming out of Georgetown modern NBA you have Roy Hibbert. Indiana Pacers. One of the best on his home games here you've talked about Patrick Ewing. Was number one pick national championship -- for the Knicks for many many years you have a lot of Georgetown does that that'll start it would John Thompson. When John played for the Celtics. But he graduated he probably does he live with a family had no children and Marilyn Marty you're. And by a fluke of fate Carl peer pressure was golf players -- follow along live on five. And so lives -- lost who's going to be huge arms destroyed Georgetown 73. Carl said to John -- -- -- really. You know sports locking young guys lawyer. He's -- nothing good start now you guys should be sure maybe can help each other and so one day I was having a good job right this is obviously before. But the key -- Barack. And he's asked you about shoe deals just advice on different things in the -- that I love to help you with the stuff we have a policy. Against -- coaches. And John. And very eloquent tops in the is that like I was -- fly him. But -- policy -- -- what's it like -- -- -- John Thompson I mean that guy is a unique strong minded how did you how he gained. How did you gain his trust as they'll believe and and admiringly that I probably learned more from him than any man alive including my father. He's a brilliant he's brilliant in his very demanding. If you were in this -- in the lower you'd like -- you want to know who's going to be able grown within. John moderator did in my first round pick. Maybe you can talk about this maybe a turning point for David's fault was this relationship -- John Thompson -- -- became your mentor. I was about to -- the first African American lawyer guy bill struggled we had a lot of African American employees and no lawyer in the as far as took a psychic significance of the players. Have a -- be a lawyer. And so won them driving home and I stopped off at Georgetown C job on the nose to me bill and approached him and asked him get some help to get a job in the farm. Actually John. Said to me. Talk about this guy -- furcal. Things got really the only job he's polished. We'll just there's PH -- usually play College Baseball and basketball. They don't want resonate as five million Harley guy -- I don't know historical. Why would you harmless she feels so glowingly about his credentials and you know. The first. Breakthrough person is going to be in the spotlight the first African American more and firm as can be scrutinized on reasonably. I just want to make sure because. Strong enough to pass -- I think god that's the most. Uneducated and have a your life like the Celtics absolutely safe from the client. Ups truck like god I thought I was very. You know eloquent emotional on the -- And we got his long intense discussion and whatever I said. Gotten deeper and deeper like a whirlpool policy and I realized. It took me two and a half years to -- this guy's expected to would have -- us it's over is gone. And -- literally sweating and mirrors and bay it was warm afternoon. And I couldn't understand how I was getting myself inextricably. You know. Saw didn't and to this. Vortex. The bottom hell probably at the war -- about cried I was so frustrated he put his hands -- -- like praised the excellent. I give a damn good hearted and not just understand. You're Jewish people discriminate against Jewish people understand if you black. The first thing you think if you qualify as people knocking -- because block. So I got my. Volkswagen around that time. -- and home and had he been. More difficult I would really be an upset I wouldn't listen it would have angered me he was so caring how he expressed his. That it made an amazing impact on me amazing. It's Jordan didn't Jordan you've created. Jordan how did you come up with. Air Jordan because -- the got -- came up with that right if everything how much money's ever spawned from that all that Brandel billion billion billion right companies are too good. Yeah and that's all from your brain child you're the person that point and like I was this close and he's the he's the personal or perhaps. Let's let's give credit where credit is due to it at that point Nike's just like a blip on the radar small right and we aside a few deals with them and peanut money right time. And I felt that because they needed him the most because. Congress had magic bird doctor today. Isiah Thomas Bernard carried. Indeed is that Karine -- was really great players I felt like he could make Michael had a part in his own mind knows Michael wanted to have his own line. Again visionaries we had a meeting in my office in August and that -- Saturdays there was no there was no air conditioning and it was. Brutally hot signs that Tim would you be want to -- Jordan is that your what do you want to call us a dollar call Michael Jordan that's his name is that no. That's putting me down he said look. -- in 1984. He's had the designer Christian America has run its course people out. Gloria Vanderbilt sunglasses and Christian Dior pocketbooks or NASA team exactly and and hadn't he says he felt that a 21 year old. -- play and no credibility. As a design. A system okay smarty pants -- how do you have a live. But the signature alive and without calling him by your name is it that's your challenge you come up with a name. Hal will give you a lot. And so on. Promise -- be pretty creative person pretty quick on my feet. So they can count what do you call if you want to call Michael Jordan you brainstorm and other people ours is you can't sit there by ourselves how long did it. -- -- they just come out this brand new technology called. They're souls for the for the attraction. Is supposed to be better cushion and I think -- what I -- -- Jordan. Perfect. There's more to come on the table -- -- one that would drive and that's that's in my -- Griffin. You think I've lost his motivation and just -- we're talking beautiful things -- Tiger Woods. And how your best power. Did you maintain your motivation back I don't know well. In the hall of fame. You know I think every -- Well not be on the cover for us is going to college. Do I say for yourself. And you know and it all on him and never having Larry here in Boston that every little thing is how bench I magnified. -- your comfort for less. As -- did status during our Columbus Day sale we beat every -- price on any steely plaster -- third perfect sleeper or didn't beauty rest catch your. Guaranteed how are matches prices started just 99 dollars twin 149 hole -- 199 -- or by any spring air mattress and get them box spring free if you buy your masters anywhere else you'll pay too -- Don't go anywhere in the junkies will be right back -- more table -- They say no good deed goes unpunished. And some days it seems true. But we keep on doing the things that matter and like -- you -- five hour energy. From now to the end of the year a portion of each sale benefits living beyond breast cancer to empower women affected by breast cancer and -- raspberry five -- energy it's one good deep that would go just straight. Now back to Timonen. Michael Jordan to handle the the money in the -- the early fame well when he was young over the. Amazingly well as six say he's the greatest endorsement and just athletic endorsers. -- -- on the twentieth century because the one point in 1998. You had 300 million dollars worth of endorsements on the table and you guys -- I'm sad. We're not gonna do these -- so much going on that you could he could afford to turn down that sort of money. Are you want to be selective hearing he had a brand and I looked at myself as the curator of the brand a brand managers those -- and you want to try to find things -- fit and that was synergistic with each other -- hated the fact I had lots of deals like it was up to them they would just had one. You don't want to be beholden to one company that is okay come up for the next deal you have no other no of the deals. So it was a balancing act and because they've never been Jordan reform and -- couldn't handle it how to -- you do it five years before like. But you can one deal with 7UP for one year you know I'm so there was no question or so. He was sort of flying by the seat of your pants. Can you represented scares -- I'm I'm back. Any of your -- In awe of what about the did Jordan's suspension a lot that's the rumor and a lot of people that you suspended for gambling now -- -- that was true warning for his dad and turning your back to his childhood that sort of thing he was never suspended mean that's just you know. When you get to that level the way did you think things I've learned it's people finalized Michael Jordan and when you have your idols when there's Tiger Woods Barry Bonds. Lance Armstrong is a human desire to like to then bring them back to -- you wanna. The club now and you wanna turn down as the people there is you know about why you play baseball and in the simplest one as well I told him. He called me up one day and said I think Alou to retire thank -- I was like stunned them nowhere. How old is -- if I'm 3329. All -- I was done. And get your first rush -- you kidding me for you wanna they wanna be intelligent woman that you want to be a good -- any sort of explain you know. He's a loss as motivation -- nothing else until you've won three titles scoring titles MVPs. And you want to play baseball. So we think that. It's not often that I said you know. The American dream is to. Work hard -- something you become really really good at it may be the best make a lot of money. And then you do every one is gone and if what you wanted to you are the best of the best in the world you work harder than anyone. If you wanna play baseball ping pong run for office. Accomplish Gulfport and we. Just that's what these examples all about you run home run away and they're like oh my god Michael's gonna retire I -- in my house but it. Belt tightening around pals and I don't. -- Cut the cable bill. That you want to feels there's there's there's there's a lot of pressure Q talk about represented on Iverson and sure. And how difficulty was in terms of -- money. Allen pushed the envelope because he came from a very undisciplined background during the season that I was maybe 2001. Alan either mr. relate to like 73 practices. There's a 180 days in the NBA season opening two games it was 98 free dinners selling ticket to the radio show so I turned to Jonathan job. On -- to Georgetown to tears like approximately how many times and was really had much practice. -- wow it's zero because John told you Patriot from jail and -- The last couple puts you right back down broke down. Now he's got he's got around I trust so from Reebok he he's had a mock. Is that athletes are financially winter coming out of school we just don't have that background suddenly boom they have millions of dollars and don't know what to do with it. Lost part of that part of it is I think that. As bad as the agent business becomes financial services you may be worse because it's not regulated at all right. And people that she's she's money that I wouldn't have management or respects yeah. And the players aren't sophisticated you know a player comes out he's making two or three million dollars a rookie. Now to a family that grows up and very modest background -- -- -- controllers but time to get done paying taxes and getting the plays by your mama house at car. You know you're not going to be set on that kind of money Alicia really disciplined. That's how I managed my own mind I have a -- with a client at a number. I need you may have -- That's helped us but that's about it I'm -- stressed every day and that's my one starter is his 4500 bottle wine cellar does that help slow. -- look here's to our new agent. I think very much do. Lot of -- -- Being a -- from Syracuse. We're having all these Georgetown connections I'm sure you've gone that. Georgetown Syracuse games and who you root for the tour is our guys made him millions of dollars over the years. Cars now you have to. No I never had a few guys I loved the relationship for Georgetown I'll look very good. I've had a -- professionalism their desire mom called. It's nice when you can donate fifteen million dollars your own money. Don't know how much they give it a mile -- dollar and fifty dollar dollar.

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