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  3. Cowboys1:13, 1:15
  4. Oakland0:08, 1:01
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  10. coaching staff0:15
Wed, 2 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. It was just one win but what a difference Sunday's victory in Oakland is made for the redskins' outlook a week ago the talk around town was about the skins historically bad deepens. Weather changes on the coaching staff were needed and Robert Griffin the third uneven performances. Now the talk is about the Redskins possibly rallying to win the sad sack in FC east. Indeed there is some reason for optimism in DC and here's why when the Redskins return from their -- October 13 in Dallas they're gonna get back from suspension to key players on defense. Linebacker rob Jackson and end Jarvis Jenkins they're not gonna turn around the Redskins 31 ranked deacons by themselves but they're gonna help. And Jackson figures to help a lot. Last season Jackson notched four and a half sacks or interceptions and two forced home. The Redskins are also banged up. And with fourteen days between games they're gonna get plenty of time to heal especially. -- Morse who suffered a rib injury in Oakland instill quite sore and Logan Paulsen who suffered a sprained left knee. If the Redskins had a game this week. Could be hard to imagine him suiting up. Both after -- golf. Both to be able to get on the field against the Cowboys speaking of the Cowboys they're not exactly running away with the division. In fact if Romo and company -- the Peyton Manning and the Broncos on Sunday it's possible that the Redskins game at Jerry world on the thirteenth. Will be for first place in the NFC east. Think about that for a second. Two weeks from now we might be calling in the first place -- game. Again. CSN Washington dot com.

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