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  1. Higher education2:44
  2. Tom Bradley1:55
  3. New York Post1:40
  4. Duke1:50, 3:17
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  6. playing basketball4:20
  7. innate ability2:52
  8. USA basketball1:53
  9. soccer games2:07
Wed, 2 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. You know I've been here since 1990 you try to -- legs and you think about we just -- in nineteen years in the NBA. That's unbelievable feat there what -- what was a less than you may have -- learn as a young kid that would enable you to accomplish solid top. Well I mean I think you know it's certainly put all talk about tonight is that you don't. You don't get this ball unless you have good people in the corner and hopefully a long way. So -- great coaches great teammates. Do you think my parents obviously were crucial and it's not just in terms of -- -- formative years and child in high school but even that you know as an adult itself. As on transition to a new phase of my life. To be able to have parents. Support. -- be honest with you. And you can't you know is really been good lesson for me so you know. Not I think one of the main things over to learn from everyone -- learned in sports and we'll just. Sports is all about. Forget about what happens. Yesterday last week and what happened last minute. It's always a challenge ahead so it was a he can't rest on rubles to speak you have to keep pushing forward keep fighting. Keep competing. And I think that's sort of was a microcosm of life and you've got to keep. Keep going keep pushing like it's not easy but it's not fair. If you have the right attitude the right word. -- Important New York Post K he's also be logged in the -- tonight coach. Excellence in coaching and you look at him look at his accomplishment. What he's done at Duke also what he's done and basically transformed USA basketball and have them back or Tom Bradley should be. What does he mean do you do you think a closed case. Beat him as a young kid and always back and I'm sure you don't really feel that. Please what it would -- -- All it means a lot of me first bomb on soccer games. Just now being on. Yeah. I think the world quotes head. You know outside of you know they're very in my life I was doubles best -- and I would imagine it and -- he's just an exceptional human beings. Great role models. He's this hall of fame lead. And that's I think what's made helmet. Team's best and I like to say that no matter what he would do in life. He chose to be in politics and business it's. Philanthropy. Higher education whatever I feel like he would succeed he can do -- because he has he has that is innate ability. -- lead to motivate and inspire. You know forty years after I left that I see it even better it's crystal clear it was an appreciation. What he's accomplished and I'm just glad go play the small role -- his career. Maryland do very well. Won't be -- more reality today CC does give you thoughts on that movement. Then everybody talks about the Duke Maryland while we build a name is Colin and I played just relax and I'll remember Allen Kevin. In the match and I was there I thought it was a really -- Cubs might not have it's a cannot understand what's happening. College sports. And. But it's a little sense and you know he didn't pick of the ACC matches during the ninety's when I was there you go back in the eighties. The great left his sales team to go back into the early seventy's it's Thomas no. -- -- a -- -- I think AC basketball. I think -- -- I think what they do how successful routines that they have. And I think the film along would be in the ACC. And I still haven't been able to understand man. To give a world where. I think this conference games and hopefully. They'll continue to go on and represent the ACC and do well and cup. And hopefully down the road some formal capacity DuBois get a chance to play against them like old time. You -- no longer playing basketball we'll see where hill looks on the sidelines. You know you never know I'm I'm gonna do some television work right now I love the game. I've been fortunate like I said to have been influenced by a lot of great. Legends of the game. And so you never know I don't wanna say no movies right now I'm not thinking about those. I appreciate good -- fixated on excuse. CSN Washington dot com.

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