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Jenks reads his poem to Redskins fans



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Wed, 2 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com two big guys guys. One day -- sorry I appreciate all this basketball in college football and TV -- but this segment needs an infusion of the NFL. And there's a lot of Redskins fans -- upset with the team guys. Despite their win against the Raiders are a little hole want to cheer went up -- -- -- reading it again if he. In DC lives a man named RG three. Who tweets about his wedding registry but his rehab was slow for everyone knows at target you can't buy new needs. We'll make the Super Bowl their fans would refrain with cries so passionate and defiant. Because you see they might be one of three but at least they don't stink like the Giants. And speaking of smells a story I must tell. Other stench that has wiped out our options I thought it was duty but I must be -- since it must be the bozos in congress. So let's all -- hold the Burgundy and gold only one game back and not dead. Four if you believe that enjoy the bye week before Shani turns a new shade of the we'll have most poetry and more football not a Geico sports at central right after sports talk -- Thanks -- is a putt or did you write that down in your journal all I did my diary yeah a lot of movement and -- -- CSN Washington dot com.