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Frank Beamer looks ahead: last year "NC just hammered us."



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Thu, 3 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. And joining us now from Blacksburg that Virginia is Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer coach great to have US says -- -- all of win last week at Georgia attack. I'm gonna take it this is what you've been wind to see from your team. Yeah we've made improvement we. There's a more consistent confidence. Played a great game again on defense and got some big plays on our kicking game so well so you know we knew we got a lot of young guys run around but they're talented young guys enough. You know hopefully you'll continue to get better this Saturday against North Carolina. Right so we learned after the game that your quarterback Logan Thomas he's actually been playing. There's some multiple injuries how -- he feeling this week. He's doing better he's a tough guy and area. He say enough good things about him. Said Maine done that doesn't enough though I'd be look at this guy because not only. Is he talented physically but he just the right kind of guy great character a great leader. Kids really look up to and respect him so he's got a lot of things. -- -- Nice to see him pull through like that. Now in the category of ridiculous kicker Cody injured now he received death threats following last week's game but do you have to remind people that hey this is just a game. And these guys are just kids. Yeah it yeah. Now is a good Hokies ended the dead dead dead. We don't -- LA and and you know I think most of our guys on this and I it is a game -- kids are trying harder ones doing the best they can -- inane you know what level pro college high schoolers -- known and a I'm Neitzel that real. I agree with that for sure. Moving on to some better news here into Jackson -- -- cleared by doctor Andrews you right now on the rehab process and what could we see him on the field. Yeah we you know open spot play him on this week. You know he's made progress in we'll see he feels exactly. On Saturday but there you know he's missed a lot of work and not. He'll play some good you know. I'm not not. Not every player that's that your. I hope in defense has always been solid ranks near the top but this year this particular group. Would you call them a notch above the past. Well I played very well I think will end -- -- and now we played throughout the year. Because certainly we're after the started the -- but do you know so. Blown saves a lot of plays in the play doubts. I hope we can he keep playing with the consistency that we played on defense and every new. And he uses that chance. Aren't looking ahead here you've got North Carolina this week and another coastal division opponents. Any concern that your team is feeling may be too good about themselves having won four straight meanwhile all the Tar Heels are struggling. Now Ryan I think people can our players can remember last year when. North Carolina just hammers down here their place it's and we understand it there's a blood found here is on the team later -- and pre season to finish very high. They had a bad game last week of the ups and it doesn't take away from the -- there -- good football team very talented football team and nuts we know or you'll get their best shot -- you know we better be ready to play we learned this from ushered to the very green. -- great play each and every week teaching that's me in their quarter regional government. My -- ever play more you know that to anyone can jump up and get him. -- coach thank you very much good luck this week and we appreciate you joining us. Okay I'm. CSN Washington dot com.

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