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Riggo on the Range: Centalia High School Hall of Fame and Field Dedication



  1. Centralia1:21, 1:53
  2. Wrigley Field2:08
  3. France1:56
  4. Washington0:02, 2:44
  5. football field1:15
Sun, 6 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. The married begin in the hall of fame is here over there and do the prize presentation. It's rather we get those sort of calmed down again. The tail -- here chaos here it's -- very again that. Now back heel mark in the stadium. Let's do it. After a plaque presentation we head into the football field for the dedication and the coin -- -- is -- on behalf of Centralia high school but I had the football program. We would like to dedicate the football. Field. But I have to say the fifth on. For my family is one my prouder moments I unless you're from my Brothers I -- I do. Yeah my mom and -- for the most part you know I want everybody knows it from. -- family to -- In the city of Centralia. I'd like period France. Our deepest gratitude. To introduce feel. Will be remembered. As long. Is there listened to they have granted being as soon Wrigley Field. Is quite -- -- thank you. -- was really good to be on the my Brothers again being there brought back on some old memories of when we better start yeah. -- -- -- Straight answers are pretty good. Yeah I'd like -- thing. Tuesday didn't. Re gonna rain and common. CSN Washington dot com.