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What did Santana Moss do during the bye week?



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Mon, 7 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I would Obama's you know every time you know so is this a good didn't win just enjoy kids' stuff. And get him of the times but I know there's no need to go home and never be home you know sense so you know you. All the years you get used to us doing the same thing you come back. I don't. -- almost like he's trying to. Get over that -- again just to give back so us -- you know some of the got a -- and just take the family get access to -- been home with -- -- Well let them enjoy me and enjoy them. You come back who won it three in Philadelphia almost definitely got perhaps the amount. That's about the division and and in this mood in the slot and if you look at the well look at things you know in life period you know. I never give another. Tell us about this on satellite so if you want to get the records you can do this some people I don't think that -- -- about the weeks. If I can block and accomplish what a bonus for this week -- get a W destiny and I give myself one step closer -- -- Ultimate goal and every week -- try to do that every week so that's best well postings in life so therefore. The way our approach what's what's going on now is -- always approached things you know everything that comes to me on a regular day basis you know. Ball control what you control right now and then and was not confident in and and do what's needed the end in all of the stuff down. Atlanta should get a good thing because I would have my mindset on the -- given that. CSN Washington dot com.

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