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Tarik El-Bashir breaks down all things Redskins for Dallas Week



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Tue, 8 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com on -- still for now as we bring in our Redskins insider tar -- this year -- Are you ready for Dallas week edition. Absolutely I'm fired up here in its first down we'll talk but injuries starting with -- -- Who left the game against the Raiders with a rib injury what's the latest on more -- the rest. The Redskins were banged up. You know the Redskins got really banged up right for the -- but I spoke to a number of players Alfred Morris. And I Jordan Reed Logan Paulsen -- or -- All of them told me on Monday that they're really good to go Sunday night in Dallas -- a number of players toward what I said. They didn't really like the fact the Vikings so early on in week five which you know what given the status of the injuries is probably -- -- right on time for the Redskins. Second down now. We -- cowboys' offense has a huge target in Dez Bryant the actual hauled in a pretty good job on him last season is this the key match up -- That's -- is the key match up you remember Dez Bryant went for 224 yards against the Saints right before the Redskins are hosted the Cowboys in that. NFC east clinching game. In that game all -- Dez Bryant. To four catches 71 yards no touchdowns. So far this season gone deep balls played very well he's gonna be good again on Sunday night. Third down now Tony Romo was Houston game against him run. Sunday despite throwing the game losing interception. Who -- to step -- for Washington if you have any hope of slowing down a cab was coming -- -- Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan at the two of them have played very well. Hi -- you've got five sacks Iraq but at three in the cowboys' three losses Romo always been sacked ten times like any quarterback he. He does not like he's -- in his face. They got a really good against -- Sunday. The fort down we go here the term must went all the time in sports so maybe it's lost a little bit of meaning but. -- the redskins' playoff hopes done if they fall in Dallas on Sunday. Rays they have their playoffs our hopes are done but they're certainly going to be on life support. You know one thing that's that's the residents have going -- right now is that the NFC east is awful I pretty much feel like Sweetney is probably gonna win the division but they've got to go five and one they've already lost one game on -- born to might get it done but you know what they really can afford a loss -- -- CSN Washington dot com.

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