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Ryan Kerrigan talks about Tony Romo's escapability


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Tue, 8 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Romo. -- up fast is the quickest makes him so difficult -- get down. All he he does a good job of feeling the rush not not looking -- the feeling than knowing where you where you can escape to know it knowing usually -- pressures coming from and I keeps his eyes downfield that does a good job of that so. -- has escape ability and his ability -- keeps eyes downfield and find an open receiver that's what makes him so effective. You gonna -- a -- 13 in most of the time we have to -- now but if you're half came out and there's. Yeah I mean that's. Fortunately for us SO NFC east has worked out this year but. You know hopefully with that. With the blessing that been a blessing that it is we can go take care of business this week in Dallas. All the emphasis on passing yards and obviously -- Ramon Manning did it -- seems like from the coach stepped up. Emphasis still on stopping the run is that kind of like how you go in mind set was before even game planned this game. That's certainly because we we know we do know Romo is that an effective passer but you know you don't come you wanted to still wanna force and no one dimensional game and if they have the option of passed -- from -- running the ball in there that's what they won -- we don't want that to happen. CSN Washington dot com.

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